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Spanish Student Testimonials

Next best to learning Spanish in Latin America or with a Latino lover is learning Spanish at El Taller surrounded by Latino warmth, energy, art and soul -- blessed by Bernardo Palombo's extraordinary intellect.
B. Fried, New York

From Stay Gold, Adventures in New York
I thought about writing this entry in Spanish, but I have decided to refrain. Anyway, today was the final day of my morning intensive Spanish class at El Taller Latino (http://www.tallerlatino.org/) at 103rd and Broadway. The class was fantastic. The school offered three levels of Spanish classes during the month of July: Beginner I, Beginner II and Intermediate. I was proud of myself on the first day when my high school Spanish background placed me in Beginner II. My class contained approximately 10 students, all with very different backgrounds and purposes for taking Spanish. This particular class was four days a week, although they have classes to accommodate many different schedules. The class had two different teachers that alternated, in order to help us learn more accents when speaking and listening in Spanish. On the first day of class, my profesora said that we were all amigos in the classroom, and that was when I knew that this Spanish class would be more personal than any language class I had taken previously. The school also offers tango and salsa classes and has cultural events. I adored my experience there, so if you are looking for a Spanish class you should definitely check it out.

I have taken classes at El Taller, been to concerts there, and come to their gallery openings. They support artists, latin music and give GREAT Spanish lessons at an affordable price. They are truly an asset to the neighborhood, the city, the world.
Nina Birnbaum, New York

El taller was a great resource, helping me to learn and master Spanish, in a creative and nurturing environment.
C Eagle, New York

The excellent and affordable Spanish classes I took at El Taller helped me to connect with my students and their families.
P. Mullallly, New York

Although I could take Spanish classes for free at Columbia University, because I am a Dean there, I prefer to study with El Taller. I also have recommended it to many of my colleagues and students. The continued location of this important educational and cultural institution on the Upper West Side is important to the entire community.
E. Chapnick, New York

El Taller helped me to realize a dream of learning Spanish, so I could live in Mexico. I still remember with great fondness the classes I took, and the extracurricular activities that helped immerse me in Latin American culture. And Bernardo's milanesas, qué milagro. Mil gracias, Bernardo, te mando un abrazo.
D. Lida, Mexico

What a wonderful institute that really made a difference in people lives teaching people Spanish as a second language. I had a great time attending classes there, the teachers were just great and was always caring and making sure the teaching was understood before moving on to another topic.
C. Campo, New York

After just four short months El Taller has become so much more than the place where I study Spanish. I've made friends, heard wonderful music, met fascinating people, seen beautiful art and established connections that will last a lifetime. El Taller is a vibrant, necessary part of the fabric of this great city.
A. Greenwald, New York

During my 4 months stay in New York last autumn and winter I found El Taller a unique place to study Spanish and enjoy the numerous cultural events and above all the possibility of meeting people not only with Latin American background an unforgetable experience. For me as a foreign visitor the Taller represents a multi cultutural platform that successfully links diverse communities and as such is exactly what visitors from abroad come to seek in New York.
E. Timmerer, Austria

Both my children studied and El Taller, and they have a wonderful program for doctors beginning their residencies in largely Hispanic communities. It is an invaluable resource and an Upper West Side Institution.
J. Curtis, New York

The Spanish classes I took at El Taller offered my first experience of speaking real-life Spanish in a classroom, and that made a tremendous difference in my ability to learn to communicate in Spanish. Bernardo Palombo, the founder/director of El Taller, was instrumental in making me feel comfortable enough to attempt speaking in the group, and I was excited finally to be able to speak a bit of Spanish without fainting from fear. But what was transformational for me was the incredible energy and creative atmosphere of El Taller, and the warm community there.
Elena Greco, New York

One of the best places to learn Spanish and about the diverse cultures that have the Spanish language as their past or present. Bernardo is truly an inspired teacher and artist and his vision needs to continue to have the home it's been thriving in.
M. Rose De Cruz, New York

El Taller is wonderful community center which thrives on the diversity of the people it serves. At El Taller I met world class musicians, medical professionals, accountants, actors, writers- even a Rockette! The center is about so much more than the wonderful language classes it provides; it's about creating community through communication.
S. Mortimore, Piccoloist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

I know many people, including myself, who have studied at El Taller and we have all been deeply touched by our time there. It serves as a community center, an arts organization, a school and it's an important resource in New York City.
A. Mestre, New York

I studied at El Taller before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work as a journalist. I was tremendously impressed by the rigor of El Taller's program, the warmth of its instructors, and the ambition of its programming. Losing El Taller would be a great disappointment to every New Yorker that values culture, learning, and the vitality of the city.
E. Benson, New York

El Taller is the best school I've been to that teaches Spanish the way it should be taught. It is the only school that provides the best cultural experience for all ages, providing language classes, music, dance, and educational talks about the various Spanish speaking countries. I have and will continue to use El Taller for my continued Spanish learning experience. The location of the school is ideal for everyone from New Jersey to Flushing.
Kacie Carl, New York

As a public school teacher I know how important El Taller is. As a student, I took lessons in Spanish at El Taller. This is a gem and important part of our city.
A. Schiff, New York

I regularly send students to their excellent language classes over the summer to prepare them for study abroad experiences. El Taller is an important link in many students' international education.
N. Milanich, New York

El Taller is cultural treasure in NYC. Because of El Taller, my family and friends are able to attend weekly affordable Spanish speaking lessons and further our cultural connection with our Latin roots by experiencing the diverse range of arts and artists which El Taller supports. El Taller's commitment to Latin culture is unique and irreplaceable in NYC, if not the entire country.
M. Wiggin, New York

I gained more from my language class experiences at El Taller than in any college classes or other language school. I have never in my travels encountered a place like it. The people that work and volunteer at El Taller do so because they truly support the learning and artistic expression that the organization fosters. There is a reason that students travel from Brooklyn and Queens to take classes several times a week. Nothing else like El Taller exists in the entire city.
R. Neher, Massachusetts

El Taller has become a unique beacon of art and learning in this wonderful city.
A. Viladrich, New York

I still cannot forget the great experience, the warm atmosphere, the peace and happiness, the wonderful people of Taller.
E. Kassai, New York

I took a beginning Spanish class at El Taller about a year ago. I learned more from that class than I ever have from any other Spanish class I've taken. I plan on taking the intermediate class soon and also plan to start attending the meet-ups to practice my Spanish. It would be a great loss if El Taller were to close. They are a great addition to the cultural and language centers in NYC.
B. LaBarge, New York

I rode the subway to El Taller from brooklyn every day for 4 years. I learned so much at El Taller that I could never have figured out at any other school. El Taller was a very important part of my life and i remember it often and fondly.
D.Daniels, Texas

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