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Translation, Interpreting and Cultural Consulting

With each Latin American country having its own linguistic and cultural nuances, translation without understanding the context particular to that country can be misleading. El Taller has served as translator, interpreter and Latin cultural consultant to many organizations and individual artists over the years.

We also offer to develop or increase the language skills necessary for the specialized language needs of medical professionals, social workers, teachers, public service workers, journalists, and business people.

El Taller's rich cultural history and continuing contacts in the music and art world also gives us access to a large network of talented artists and musicians representing a wide spectrum of Latino culture. Among the services we offer are:

  • Consulting on Latin American culture and music, where we might be called on to be the interpreter for Latin American musicians who come to New York or coordinate trips for North Americans to Latin countries.
  • Developing culturally sensitive materials for native Spanish speakers.
  • Creating programs to educate non-Spanish speakers to the language and needs of their Spanish speaking clientele.
  • Creating for children and adults about Latin America art or music
  • Producing musical events for other venues, including museums, churches, and concert halls
  • Providing musicians for corporate parties and other events

Call us at 212-665-9460 or send us an about your needs. Avoid embarrassing mistakes such as the ones below.
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quoteThe complicated and difficult translation of our promotional brochure was completed by Taller Latinoamericano with delicacy and skill...I have found no other organization as responsive and creative, in solving the linguistic, cultural problems inherent in translation.
Stephen D. Kaplan,
Director/Arts Education, Altos de Chavon

Amnesty International wishes once more to express its gratitude to the Taller Latinoamericano for helping to organize the series of activities in Argentina and for providing a space, staff support and its valuable time and energy.
Ramon Hodel, National Office,
quoteAmnesty International

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