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Sample Custom Designed Classes

Below are some of our recent custom-designed classes for schools, social agencies, hospitals, and other organizations.

  • Montefiore Hospital, Social Medicine, Department of Family Medicine: More than 25 years of language training for residents, including organizing educational trips to Puerto Rico.
  • Family Life Academy: Taught Spanish to teachers at this bilingual elementary school so they might communicate better with parents.
  • West Prep Academy: Created curriculum and provided teachers for a six week Spanish language program for sixth grade children.
  • Outten Golden: Spanish language training to Lawyers at Outten and Golden law firm.
  • Penguin Publishing: Intensive Spanish Language training for the employees at Penguin Publishing Co.

Check out our page for examples of workshops and cultural programs we have developed for other organizations.
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"Your Medical Spanish course is a unique and an integral part of our curriculum...Your course and consultations throughout the year not only expose residents and faculty to the Spanish language, but to the diversity and richness of Latin culture, as well as the subtle differences in language in communicating medical symptoms. Your unique contribution gives favorable impacts on doctor/patient relationships, and thus, improves the delivery of care to the under-served Latin communities of our city."
Maggie Butler-Stone, Department of Family Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center

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