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Past Exhibits at El Taller: 2004

J.Maya Luz Pliego / Bernardo Palombo / Ric Pliego: Three Artists / Three Walls

November 2004
Palombo Fridge Ric Pliego's box Pliego Photo

Although the scope of the work presented is quite broad, the uniting principle of these three artists can be found in a shared theme: using creativity as a means of celebration and transformation

Bernardo Palombo's naïve, expressive style demonstrates his obsession with markings, his curiosity about shapes and colors and therein he reveals his musical sensibility: the markings are rhythmic statements - eye music.

As artistic director of El Taller Latino Americano for the past 25 years we've known him as Spanish Instructor, Musician/Composer, and a well spring of knowledge about Latin American culture, in particular, music. Now, to our surprise we get to know another facet of the man. This exhibition represents many years of work. He has designed murals, flyers and logos for El Taller and various organizations, illustrations for album covers and even children's books, but he had never thought of himself as an "artist". This will be Bernardo's first exhibition at the Latin American Workshop.

Most evident in the work are his spontaneity and a sense of freedom. Many of the images seem to be memories from dreams or from past experiences. His work is, in essence, a true celebration of creativity and life.

While much more formal, we find several similarities in Ric Pliego's constructed boxes. In this sample of work it is apparent that Ric is also drawing upon the past as well as his sense impressions. The pieces are meticulously put together - the objects, paint and textures thoughtfully placed. His skill, which emerged as the result of much study and many years as an Art Director in New York City, is as relevant to his work as his imagination.

These new pieces are memories - the boxes all containing fragments of his life: his travels and wanderings around the world, objects received by old friends. In this exhibition we feel the sadness of letting go of that past and are inspired by his efforts to use creativity as a tool for transformation.

J. Maya Luz Pliego is also influenced by the notion of using creativity as a tool for change and empowerment. Presented here is a small sample from her recently completed project "Dar a Luz - bring to light". This project is a collection of photographs and interviews of women in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Although Ms. Pliego jokingly refers to this project as her "field work" - what truly captivated her query was her desire to transform some of her own images about the world: from the power of fear to the power of creativity. Her women are icons: abundant Goddesses, keepers of life, bastions of peace. For Ms. Pliego, the ninth month of pregnancy is an example, even a metaphor, for the power of creativity, not just for women, but for anyone brave enough to allow themselves to be taken on the journey of personal calling.

There is much that makes each of these artists unique, what unites them is something very crucial: their need to synthesize experience through creativity and through a visual means. In that effort they transform their ideas and evolve (even strengthen) their inner convictions about life.

Manhatitlan y Manhattan
The Humorous Art of Felipe Galindo/Feggo

October 2004
Felipe GalindoEl Taller Latino Americano is proud to host Manhatitlan y Manhattan, The Humorous Art of Felipe Galindo/Feggo, an exhibition of watercolor drawings by the Mexican-born, New York-based artist. Felipe Galindo (a.k.a. Feggo) creates artworks that merge the universal languages of art and humor. Drawing by his own life as an immigrant, Galindo interprets cultural symbols and individual experiences.

The Manhatitlan* series features works inspired by the Mexican experience in New York and the exchange that takes place between the Mexican and American cultures (*Manhatitlán, a word Felipe Galindo coined, is a merger of two words: Manhattan and Tenochtitlán, Mexico City's Aztec name). Titles in the series include "Hip-Hop Mariachi", "Frida Kahlo's Christmas" and "Manhattan Matador". The Manhattan series features works that celebrate life in New York City, its landmarks, people and energy. Titles include "Central Park Centaur" and "Fire Hydrant Surfer". Some of these works have been published in The New York Times and the magazines Hauser in Germany and Nebelspalter in Switzerland.

Felipe Galindo, born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, graduated from the National University of Mexico's School of Visual Arts. He resides in New York City since the 80's. His illustrations and cartoons appear regularly in publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Nickelodeon Magazine, Reader's Digest, The International Herald Tribune, Time Almanac for Kids, The Spectator UK, Crain's, The National Law Journal, INXart.com, etc. He has been the recipient of international awards such as the "People's Choice Award" Omiya Humor Festival, Japan, the US/México Fund for Culture Grant, the New York Foundation for Arts "E. Boe Humor Award" and "Best Experimental" at the San Antonio CineFestival. His work has been exhibited extensively in solo and group shows around the world.

His award winning animations include The Manhatitlan Chronicles and Serenade. He is the author of Cats will be Cats, a collection of cartoons published by Penguin/Plume Books. He recently illustrated his first picture book My Teacher Can Teach .. Anyone! published by Lee & Low Books.

"The charm of Felipe Galindo's images is their universal language, often flavored with a strong dose of black humor, poetry, blithe innocence, irony and a surrealism as Mexican as the rest of his symbols".
Marisa Cespedes, Televisa Television.

"I laughed so hard at Feggo's cartoons that my tongue fell out of my mouth!".
Bill Plympton, Academy Award Nominated Animator.

The exhibit dates partially coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep.15-Oct15).



July 2004

XPRESSIONS HISPANO AMERICANAS We are a group of artists of different nationalities brought together by one thought, and with a single purpose, to share our ideals with society, thus strengthening our cultural values; to carry a message to our beloved America and the world, the integration of our beloved countries, expressing our smothered cries on our canvasses and clamoring for justice, peace, and respect for all forms and expressions of life.

PRESENTING ENCUENTRO, A GROUP SHOW Born on May 14, 2004 in the City of New York, during an evening gathering of friends united by the same mystique, the same desire to strengthen our cultures, to integrate symbols that speak of man and his dreams. As contemporary artists, we take our inspiration from original sources of the continent, their images strengthening our American cultures.

XPRESSIONS HISPANO AMERICANAS Somos un grupo de Artistas de diferentes Nacionalidades unidas por un pensamiento, un solo propósito; compartir nuestros ideales con la sociedad fortaleciendo nuestros valores culturales llevando un mensaje a Nuestra América y el Mundo , en la integración de nuestros países hermanados: llevando nuestros grito ahogado en las canvas clamando por justicia, paz y respeto a la vida en todas sus formas y expresiones.

Nació un 14 de mayo, 2004 en la ciudad de New York, en una tarde de tertulia de un encuentro de amigos unidos por la misma mística, el mismo afán de fortalecer nuestras culturas con el deseo de integrar símbolos que dicen del hombre y de sus sueños. En nuestra condición de Artistas Contemporáneos sustraemos de otras fuentes originales del Continente, sus imagines fortaleciendo nuestras Culturas Americanas


José Eduardo
Mercy Cardenas
Braulio Garcia
Roberth Pulino
BamCam Carnen
Carlos Cacerez
Neftali Camacho
Santa Rosa
Fany Gonzales
MariCruz Vega
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Becoming NY: Photographs by Paul Stetzer

May - June 2004
Paul Stetzer Paul Stetzer Paul Stetzer Paul Stetzer

"One day three years ago one of the settlement houses in New York asked me to make a library of images of all their programs, one of which was an English as a Second Language class for adults. I was delighted to behold a dazzling array of people coming from a score of countries, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, educated and not. "Diversity" brought to life! In addition, the ESL participants were all in the process of creating new lives for themselves in a new country, a new city. This resonated strongly with me. About seven years ago I recreated my life by leaving a city and community where I had lived for 50 years, by changing careers, by adding to my family.

So, I began to photograph. In one ESL class the first year, and in two the second and third years. At first I used a plain backdrop. Then I invited people to select places in New York City - all boroughs - that are important to them. We would travel to these places and photograph there. So, Maria from Spain had her most memorable day divided between Brooklyn and Manhattan, and we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. And Jorge, from Mexico, plays soccer on Randall's Island twice a week.

In the landscapes of the faces lie the diversity and courage of people crafting new lives in this city, people from all over the world, people who are changing, and being changed by, New York City. These images celebrate our diversity, and I hope they show what we have in common."
Paul Stetzer, 2004
These images are open, graceful and inspiring. They document what seems to always be true about the city of New York: its history of immigration, the faces that are always changing, cultures that continue to change the social landscape of this unique city. Paul has made strikingly candid images of the people he has met via English-as-a-Second-language classes. His images capture the wonder of New York through the experiences of those working to find their place in a new country. They have with in them a sense of vibrancy, anticipation and a palpable sense of culture.

We become witnesses to that wonder. Perhaps, reawakening our own amazement towards the rich cultural heritage that makes our city the rich place that it is.

To see more of Paul's photos, check out his web site at http://paulstetzer.smugmug.com

The Open Project

May 2004
The Open Project
The Open Project is a collaborative exhibit of eight emerging artists from various backgrounds, uniting through abstract painting, photography and design. From the works that embody swirling sinuous rhythms of bold oranges and reds, to the humorous designs capturing paradoxes of life, the artwork successfully portrays creativity and expression. The artists will join together to celebrate their passion for the arts with the community. A portion of the proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to Free Arts for Abused Children, a non-profit organization that provides a safe, healing environment for children through the creation of artwork.

Kristi Parsons, Frank Wagner, Cathy Thompson,
Jamie Rice, Dawn Sinkowski, Dan Summer,
Deborah Rice and Jason Rothman

Heriberto Turizzo Anaya: Thirty Years Retrospective

March - April 2004
Turizzo     Turizzo

Turizzo's paintings can be considered a pictorial representation of his fellow countryman Gabriel García Márquez' "magical realism", and defy all characterization. Turizzo is truly an original artist, with an incredible command of color and form, who finds his inspiration in natural landscapes and in his own personal mythologies.

"Turizzo's works are fanciful departures from the real world. Although they are figurative in style, fish swim in the sky and birds fly in the water. A tree becomes the Mona Lisa and animals lurk in the red bluffs of the Grand Canyon. Adults and children, alike, are drawn into his visual plots and come away with a new view of the real world and its possibilities."
Lucy V. Davidson - Director of Arts Services, Flushing Town Hall
Herbert Turizzo Anaya was born in Cartagena, Colombia where he spent his early years in the jungle and later he moved to the city of Baranquilla. His work expresses a gamut of emotions starting with the experiences of his early life in Cartagena, his journey towards spiritual discovery and of the familiar fluctuations of family life. You will see the contrast between the nature of the jungle and the intensity of urban life, as well as an artful commentary about native South American cultures and the effects of colonization.

His paintings are part of private collections in the U. S. A., Europe and Latin America; his murals can be found in the Hostos Community College and in Jackson Heights.

Michael Schaefer

December 2003-January 2004
Schaefer Schaefer

This unique exhibition demonstrated Michael's skill in two mediums. First, paintings -- deeply personal abstract images that reflect upon the artist's disability. On the whole, they may be perceived as simplistic self-views, but the closer they are examined the more layers one finds.

And second, Surface Decoration, from Faux Finishing to Gold Leafing to Furniture Painting to Stenciled Floors -- where Michael revives a piece of furniture destined for the dumpster and turns it into a work of art.

Michael Schaeffer has a lifetime of experience in the arts: in Broadway theaters, in graphic design and in fine arts. He has shown in galleries in Soho and Tribeca.
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