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Past Exhibits at El Taller: 2009


November 17 - December 23
The Grady Alexis gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "IMAGINaciones", an exhibition featuring the work of New York-based, Mexican-born artists Andrea Arroyo, Felipe Galindo and Rick Pliego. The work in the exhibit is informed by historical and mythological references and elements of magic realism, and presents three individual approaches, from celebratory to humorous and mystical.

Andrea ArroyoAndrea Arroyo presents images inspired by women from world history and mythology. She creates lyrical and vibrantly colored artwork that conveys the strength of women with a sense of celebration.

Ms. Arroyo's exhibition record includes twenty-six individual shows, her artwork is the collections of The Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution and The New York Public Library. Her awards include Groundbreaking Latina in the Arts, Puffin Foundation Award, Harlem Arts Alliance Award, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Award, Official Artist of the Latin Grammy, New York City Citation Award for Achievement in Art, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships, and Outstanding Latina of the Year (www.andreaarroyo.com)

Felipe GalindoFelipe Galindo presents watercolors that merge the universal languages of art and humor, to reveal a world of irony, whimsy and magic.

Mr. Galindo is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator whose work has been exhibited and published extensively, including in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, Newsday, Mad and many other publications worldwide. He has received awards from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Puffin Foundation, the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, the New York Council for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, and the United Nations Correspondents Association. (www.felipegalindo.com)

Ric Pliego

Ric Pliego presents paintings that emerge from the exploration of the interplay of form and color to express the iconic reality of sacred and secular symbols.

Mr. Pliego is a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Architectural Designer, Photographer and Illustrator, he has worked for numerous large Advertising Agencies but primarily for his own company. He has lived and worked in New York since 1965. His work is collected privately in the US and in Mexico.


September 17 - October 15
Juried Show El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "Painting the Americas - North and South of the Border", at its Grady Alexis Gallery. The show features works chosen by the gallery's selection committee, lead by noted artist Andrea Arroyo, as well as the work of invited artists.

Invited artists include well-known humorist/artist, Felipe Galindo-Feggo showing his piece "Fourth of July" that was featured in the Daily News, and El Taller's Founder/Artistic Director, Bernardo Palombo, showing "Sagrada Familia", a depiction from his song "La misa inmigrante/The Immigrant Mass": "Jose Maria, y Jesus tambien eran inmigrantes / Joseph, Mary and Jesus were immigrants too". Other works include Brooklyn artist, Nina Talbot's intriguing story-portraits "Daniel's Story" and "Koreen's Story"; San Fransisco based artist, Eduardo Rodriguez's linotype diptych "My Father working in his studio during the Depression" and local artist, Tony Gieger's small work "Crying Mexican with Handkerchief".

The show, opening during Hispanic Heritage month, is an exhibition that has invited domestic artists to create works that reflect their perceptions the Americas: north and south of the border. The Gallery believes that the exhibition will encourage discourse about the many complex themes associated with International policies as well as present work that illuminate cultural similarities.

We also hope to arouse interest in political and humanitarian topics which ultimately reflect the mission of El Taller's Grady Alexis Gallery, to be an open space where creative acts and cultural interchange dispel fear and mistrust between communities.

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Andrea Arroyo.

IMAGES OF CUBA -- Three Photographers:
Paul Stetzer, Jay Potter,Paul Typaldos

July 16 - September 4
Cuba 2009

The Grady Alexis Gallery at Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Images of CUBA: Three Photographers, an exhibition of the photographs of Paul Stetzer, Jay Potter and Paul Typaldos. The works of these artists lifts the veil of a country that not many in the US have had a chance to see.

Travel photographs are often about "otherness": what is distinct or unique about a place or a person. Subject then becomes object. Travelers bring these found objects home to show friends and family what unusual sights they beheld during their adventures. Unlike this typical model, these three New York-based photographers share one thing in common: a tenderness that draws the subject closer. These travelers are using their cameras to humanely capture images that depict the "vital" and "vibrant" culture they have experienced. The photographic concerns are different enough for viewers to find a unique vision within each artist's work, yet the narratives flow naturally between them offering a portrait of space and individual that provides insight into a complex and seemingly distant culture.

Jay Potter's colorful images are well composed, often humorous, often ironic views of Havana. He has photographed throughout Australia, Peru, Spain, the US and Cuba.

Paul Stetzer uses his skillful technique to bring Cuban faces into focus with the friendly air of a well-liked neighbor. His images - landscapes, portraits, and documentaries - have been exhibited in the US, Mexico and Havana.

Film-maker and photographer, Paul Typaldos, brings together gesture, light and open space that allows the viewer to consider the way that people occupy the environment. Most recently, his images have been shown at the Center for Experimental Art and Architecture in Los Angeles, CA.

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego.

THREE WOMEN: Three Visions

June 4 - July 3
Three Women
Left: Anne Humanfeld: Heart Bud Acrylic transfer on canvas.
Middle: Maria Dominguez: Saxs Mixed media on canvas.
Right: Camille Eskell Fragment: Cie Lithograph on silk chiffon with lace.

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Three Women, Three Visions, an exhibition of paintings, prints and mixed media works by artists Camille Eskell, Maria Dominguez and Anne Humanfeld.

Camille Eskell presents large-scale images of women "Working in mixed media, I combine a variety of techniques, such as drawing, printing, found objects and fabrics. Questions of tradition, seduction, complacency, and pattern are implied through the use of lace, a material dense with connotations and familiar to me since childhood through a long-standing family business interwoven in our lives."

Maria Dominguez presents paintings on canvas from her Jazz inspired series titled Hot House. "The deep contrasting colors are gathered from my photos of live performances. Musicians are immersed by traveling color spotlights and are transformed almost into caricatures".

Anne Humanfeld presents acrylic transfers on canvas and glassine "These pictures originate in reworking discovered fragments of graphic imagery. Recombining these elements opens into the energy of my own visual universe through a process of free association. The work evolves out of human curiosity as in archaeology or dissection, becoming a series of illustrations of my story."

Exhibition curated by Andrea Arroyo.

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OSCAR PARDO: Reflection Over Water,abstract seascapes

April 9 - May 15
Oscar Pardo The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Reflection Over Water, an exhibition by artist Oscar Pardo. Pardo shows new works that reveal the textures and forms of water as observed from above.

Pardo, an artist well known for his unique application of Sumi-e, an Asian brush technique, demonstrates his mastery of brush work in these sea abstractions where his limited palate gives way to spontaneous forms and textures. Aquatic filigree, bubbles of light and lace dance in his compositions. "Throughout history cultures have revered water as essential to sustain life." writes Pardo. He continues "I am interested in the sea as abstraction, and abstraction is the essence of form."

In one of the featured works, titled "Sea View 16" wave like forms in hues of blue hold our gaze; a brown is lain in a steady stroke - is it land or the ocean depths? White accents shift our perception of space again - are we in the clouds or riding the waves? Kinetic, energetic and like the sea calming, Pardo has produced the essence of water in these striking paintings.

Oscar Pardo was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1946, within a family of artists. Raised at the skirts of the Andes, he was strongly attracted by the magnificence of the mountains and of Nature itself. This lead him to mountain climbing, reaching instructor level. He has worked with Grupo Vocacional América"- Audiovisual Experimental group, Mendoza, Argentina-1963, "El Grupo"- Latin American music, poetry and art - New York- 1977, "Mural Andino"- Stone Wall Art in Mendoza, Argentina-1982. His Sumi-e studies were taken at the Koho Yamamoto School, in Soho; Budo studies, (Zen Archery) at the Buddhism Church in New York; and Zen Painting classes at Amherst University. He has lived in Puerto Rico since 1980. Pardo's work has been exhibited widely throughout the Americas. His last exhibition was reviewed in the Business of Puerto Rico Magazine and Arte Latinoamericano magazine.

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Bernardo Palombo.


March 10 - 30
Jennifer Pliego The Grady Alexis Gallery at Taller Latino Americano is pleased to announce Elder Flowers, an exhibition by artist J. Maya Luz. The exhibition features color prints of flowers past the normal span of life usually referred to as its prime.

With the use of a scanner and Photoshop, Maya Luz creates intricate images that use the decomposition of a flower as a symbol for maturation, wisdom and mortality. Beautiful and contemplative, these images are reminiscent of nineteenth and twentieth century master photographs yet are contemporary in both their style and their technical achievement.

One of the featured works, titled "Tulip", depicts a flower that has lost most of it's petals, yet the transformation that has occurred, despite this loss, is a heightened effect in the coloration of the remaining petals - asking the viewer to extend one's notion of beauty and reveling in how its natural process reveals different aspects of its character. Maya Luz posits that our humanity and strength develop on a similar course.

J. Maya Luz is Artist-In-Residence at El Taller Latino Americano. She has photographed many of the notable musicians and artists that have performed and exhibited there. She has exhibited in New York galleries and abroad. In 2005 one her bodies of work, "DAR A LUZ/BRING TO LIGHT", was selected to visually represent the Pan American Health Organization's concept - "Make Every Mother and Child Count". This is her third solo exhibition at the Grady Alexis Gallery.

Exhibition curated by Jennifer Pliego and Bernardo Palombo.
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