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Past Exhibits at El Taller: 2010

Project Unicorn: Camomile Hixon

November 11 - December 30
Camomile HixonThe Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller is thrilled to present critically acclaimed visual artist Camomile Hixon, who exploded onto the New York art scene in 2010 with her collection of "sparkle" paintings on canvas using glitter as the primary medium. The canvases, many of which contain super-sized words or bold images, have developed from her work as a musician and songwriter where she seeks to isolate poetry fragments in silence without the movement of melody.

Camomile HixonThrough the medium of glitter and paint on canvas, Camomile's images and symbols include super-sized flowers, twinkling fireworks, and question marks. Camomile is intrigued by the idea of depicting a word and letting the mind roam free for the images. According to the artist, "When a piece manages to cause an inner smirk, the art is working, and when it happens to be beautiful, and lift someone's mood, the mission is complete". The luminescent quality of the glitter breathes life into the works filled with subtle meanings and interpretations unique to each individual.

This year, Camomile has focused on a new endeavor entitled "Project Unicorn", which encompasses work for the New York City Children's Museum of Art, and two large silver glitter unicorns that will be featured at the Marionette Theatre in Central Park, near 81st Street. Inspired by the song "Unicornio Azul" by Cuban folksinger Silvio Rodriguez, Camomile Hixon will also be unveiling a large blue unicorn across the billboard that resides on El Taller's roof, at 2710 Broadway and 104th Street.


September 21 - October 30
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, The Grady Alexis gallery is pleased to present "Encuentro", works by Esperanza Cortes, Moses Ros and Nancy Saleme.

Encuentro features the work of three New York-based Latino artists who present diverse artistic approaches ranging from the humorous to the conceptual.

The exhibit is curated by Andrea Arroyo.

The Palombo's: An Immigrant Family

July 1 - August 15
In celebration of the immigrant nature of this country, Founder & Artistic Director of El Taller Latin Americano Bernardo Palombo invites his own family to exhibit their creativity in support of the immigrant cause. According to Palombo and Curator J. Maya Luz, the idea is not to glorify one family, but to show the positive contributions of all immigrants that support "The Country of All People".

"The Palombos: An Immigrant Family" will feature the work of four generations of artists who work in a wide variety of media including paintings, photography and video. From "Abuelita" Maren, who at the age of 83, has just received her Bachelor's degree to Jorge's construction plans for the Pueblos in New Mexico to the youngest, Nichiren Nahuel, who at the age of 5 is already an avid artist and photographer.

The aim of this exhibit is confront the destructive commentary surrounding immigrants and in contrast, The Palombos strive to present a positive reality of the immigrant experience in America.

Meet the artists for a night of music, food, and family at the Opening Reception on Thursday July 1 from 6-8PM at The Grady Alexis Gallery. Admission to the Opening Reception and the exhibit is free.

According to Graham Green, hate is defined as lack of creativity. It is in that spirit that The Palombo Family dedicates this exhibit in memory of their loving daughter, sister, mother, aunt and homesteader Maren Cristina Palombo.


June 11 to June 26
ariZONA The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "AriZONA, Artists Respond to the Immigration Issue" curated by Andrea Arroyo and featuring twenty six New York-based artists.

Following the approval of the new anti-immigrant law in Arizona, visual artist and curator Andrea Arroyo invited New York artists from diverse backgrounds to participate in this exhibition by creating new work or showing existing work expressing their views on the subject.

Artists responded enthusiastically, submitting works that address an important contemporary subject in a variety of creative ways.

The exhibit features works that range from overtly political to nearly abstract, created in drawing, painting, print, collage, photography, new media and sound.

The aim of this exhibition is to contribute to the conversation on the critical issue of immigration and associated topics, such as human rights, social justice and globalization.

Participating artists include: Heidi Boisvert, Melissa Calderon, Hector Canoge, Patricia Cazorla, Esperanza Cortes, Felipe Galindo, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Nova Gutierrez, Karen Howitt, Randy Jones, John Jonik, Tom Kerr, Martin Kozlowski, Peter Kuper, Alex Morel, Jose Luis Ortiz, Bernardo Palombo, Ric Pliego, Grace Ramirez-Gaston, Kristine Reed, Favianna Rodriguez, Moses Ross, Nancy Saleme, Paul Stetzer, Yasuyo Tanaka and Meagan Van Ahn.

Art Without Borders

April 15 - May 29
Immigrant Heritage Week 2010 El Taller Latino Americano presents the exhibition "Art Without Borders", as part of Immigrant Heritage Week 2010, organized by the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. The exhibition, "Art Without Borders", is curated by Andrea Arroyo and features seven immigrant artists from around the world: Beatrice Coron (France), Maria Dominguez (Puerto Rico), Felipe Galindo (Mexico), Vita Giorgi (Italy), Bernardo Palombo (Argentina), Pei Sun (China) and Yasuyo Tanaka (Japan).

"Art Without Borders" will shed light on the many faces of the immigrant experience, as seen through the eyes of each individual artist. The event supports talented foreign-born, New York-based individual artists, by giving them the opportunity to exhibit and discuss their work. This group includes artists ranging from emerging to established, and who vary in age from their 20's to their 60's, making this event international and intergenerational in nature.

The exhibit features an assortment of subjects and styles. Media includes painting, collage, drawing, paper cut, prints and mixed media. Featured artists are:

Beatrice Coron (France), has lived in the US, Egypt, Mexico and China. Her work is exhibited extensively and is in collections around the world. She presents intricate paper cuts that explore human interactions.

Maria Dominguez (Puerto Rico), is an artist and educator who has exhibited in the US and Europe. She presents a series of fifteen intimately sized collages from her series "The Healer".

Felipe Galindo (Mexico) is an award-winning artist who has exhibited and published worldwide. Mr. Galindo merges the universal languages of art and humor, to create a world of irony, whimsy and magic.

Vita Giorgi (Sicily, Italy) has lived in the US, Mexico, and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Turkey and the US. Ms. Giorgi works in oil and gold leaf, creating paintings inspired by folk stories and dreams.

Bernardo Palombo (Argentina) is an artist, composer, educator and the Founder/Artistic Director of El Taller Latino Americano. His works are about the creation organic forms and are inspired by the rhythm of mark making in that process. He has worked various media such as leather, paper, canvas, vinyl and acetate.

Pei Sun (China) is an emerging artist who has lived in China, Israel and the US. She presents mixed media works inspired by jazz music.

Yasuyo Tanaka (Japan) is a book conservation technician and artist who has exhibited in New York, Lithuania, Holland and Japan. She presents a series of collographs specially created for "Art Without Borders".

NY Immigration Heritage Week 2010

Women Made

February 25- April 1
Woman Made

In celebration of Women's History Month, The Grady Alexis gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Women-Made an exhibit featuring the work of Dindga McCannon, Jessica Lagunas and Margaret Peot; curated by Andrea Arroyo. Women-Made is an exhibition that presents three diverse approaches to concepts of femininity and gender roles.

Dindga McCannon is a Harlem-born painter, printmaker, muralist, author, illustrator and educator whose work has been exhibited extensively. She presents one-of-a-kind art quilts and mixed media works made of fabric, thread, metal, paper, paint, and found objects. She incorporates a variety of materials into intricate layers of texture and color, in works that commemorate well-known and everyday women.

Jessica Lagunas is a New York-based Guatemalan artist; she has exhibited locally and internationally. Lagunas presents two series of collages on vintage prints. Her work deals with the condition of women in contemporary society, questioning their obsessions with body image, beauty, sexuality and ageing.

Margaret Peot is a book artist, printmaker, painter and writer. She is the author of Make Your Mark: Explore Your Creativity and Discover Your Inner Artist. She presents Altered Inkblots a series of elaborate swirls of ink, modified with color pencils to uncover a startling world of fantastic imagery.

Face and Place

January 7 - February 15
Face and Place exhibit

The Grady Alexis gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Face and Place, an exhibition featuring the oil paintings of Upper West Side-based neighbors, Elaine Mokhtefi and Bell Chevigny. On Riverside Drive, only one floor and a courtyard separate them. They both favor portraits and figures (of New Yorkers of all stripes) and landscapes of far-away places.

After a career of teaching, the writer Bell Chevigny turned to visual art in 2005. She has studied at the Arts Students League and The National Academy School of Fine Arts. Her oil paintings are in private collections in the Bay Area, Portland, Oregon, and Manhattan.

Also a writer and jewelry-maker, Elaine Mokhtefi studied painting in Paris and at the Arts Students League of New York beginning in the 90s. Her paintings have appeared in exhibitions in Paris and New York. She works in her studio in Harlem and has painted landscape in New Mexico, Buenos Aires, Vermont, and along 125th Street.

This exhibition will feature examples of both figurative and landscape painting. Classically trained, each woman has a studied quality to her work. The paintings are mostly concerned with the figure, as nuances of color, that not only create form, but give the illusion of light across the canvas. Viewers will also find that these mature painters present an evocative depiction of their subject's psychology that elevate the paintings from general studies to an artistic representation worth noting.
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