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Past Exhibits at El Taller: 2011

Hecho A Mano

November 16 to January 7, 2012
Hecho a Mano The Grady Alexis gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Hecho A Mano an exhibition of ceramic works by Risa Hirsch Ehrlich and tapestries by Elizabeth Starcevic; curated by Andrea Arroyo.

Risa Hirsch Ehrlich's clay works are inspired by the art of the Abstract Expressionists. She utilizes the malleability and responsiveness of clay to create intimate pieces, playing at the boundary where intention and accident meet. Risa holds a BA in European Civilization and a MS in Mathematics Education. Upon retirement as a teacher of mathematics, she turned to studio work full time.

Elizabeth Starcevic's tapestries are meticulously woven by hand on floor looms. She experiments with the differing textures and effects that a variety of wool and other fibers can produce, creating wall-hangings inspired in part by the art of Africa and the Americas and traditional American quilts. Elizabeth was a professor of Spanish at City College, for more than 40 years. She has done all of her textile work in San Miguel de Allende.

September 11 -- Past, Present and Future   

September 12 to October 10
September 11 The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "September 11 - Past, Present, Future," curated by Andrea Arroyo and featuring sixteen New York-based artists.

In commemoration of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, visual artist Andrea Arroyo invited New York artists from diverse backgrounds to participate in this exhibition by creating new work or showing existing work about the subject.

The sixteen participating artists address this critical event in world history in a variety of creative ways, and in styles that range from figurative to abstract. Works deal directly with the incident, or with associated concepts, such as loss, personal memories, the WTC, terrorism, war, and other concepts that relate to the September 11 attacks and its aftermath. The exhibit features works in drawing, painting, print, collage, photography, installation, mixed media and quilt.

Examples of the works in the exhibit include: Miriam Romais' photographs of the World Trade Center taken in the 1990's; cartoonist Felipe Galindo's series of humorous works about the Twin Towers (1983-2011;) David Gonzalez' photographs of street murals from the Bronx; Sylvia Hernandez' traditional memory quilt featuring photographs of survivors and magazine covers from 2001; and Susan Hoeltzel's painting of the plane that used the Hudson River to find it's way to lower Manhattan.

Participating artists: Patricia Cazorla, Beatrice Coron, Denise Deleray, Laurence Fayard, Felipe Galindo, Janet Goldner, David Gonzalez, Sylvia Hernandez, Susan Hoeltzel, Randy Jones, Thomas Kerr, Miriam Romais, Nancy Saleme, Nina Talbot, Yasuyo Tanaka.

Symbol, Myth, Reality:   Gwendolyn Kehrig-Darton, Ross Carlisle, Meagan Van Ahn and Isadora Machado Lacuona

August 10 to September 7, 2011
Women's Voices The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Symbol, Myth, Reality, an exhibition of the works of emerging artists Gwendolyn Kehrig-Darton, Ross Carlisle, Meagan Van Ahn and Isadora Machado Lacuona curated by j. maya luz.

In this exhibition, The Grady Alexis Gallery presents four artists who use symbolic imagery to demonstrate personal languages that express interior spaces. Symbol and Myth then are the constructions, the realities, that clarify each artistic language: the "who", "what", "when", "where" and "why" of the mind and therefore the artist's identity, and ours, in the world.

Gwendolyn Kehrig-Darton, is "inspired by dream states where words aren't enough to describe emotions or experiences. All of my art pieces, including the ones done from observation, are attempts at expressing something internal and external about myself. In a way, all of my pieces are self-portraits."

Ross Carlisle works tell stories from worlds that seem to traverse the line between dream and reality. His use of the figurative transports the viewer into familiar scenes, which are beautiful and unnerving in its details.

Meagan Van Ahn uses the symbols and morals of timeless stories, such as Aesop's fables, Native American legends and the Shamanistic belief in spirit animal guides to work out the lessons and the underlying beliefs as a template to better construct a meaningful identity.

Isadora Machado Lacuona uses colors, numbers, and letters to bear personal meanings. She uses them eloquently to describe the experiences of immigration, language barrier, culture clash, relationship, isolation, self-actualization, self-destruction, time and existence.

Distance; an exhibit curated by RadiusTwelve.

July 6 to July 27
RadiusTwelve The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present "Distance", an exhibition curated by RadiusTwelve.

Distance [dis-tuh ns]
The state or fact of being apart in space, as of one thing from another; remoteness.

Distance exhibits both physical and emotional components. There is the distance from a past event which caused transformation. The distance from a future event can be equally imposing. A more immediate distance exists between the viewer and the gallery wall. In becoming aware of the distance addressed by the artwork, the awareness of one's present state of being is enhanced.

The selected artists explore these physical aspects of distance through conceptual art, drawing, mixed media, painting, photography and text.

Featuring the work of George Artinian, Colleen Blackard, William Brovelli, Marcy Chevali, Dexter Ciprián, Carrie Crow, Mustafa Faruki, Bill Heinrich, Rebecca Herman, Brad Isnard, Katarina Jerinic, Blair Lambert, Francine Leclerq, Mitchell Marco, Mauricio Morrillas, Lovina Purple, Alejandra Regalado, Lauren Smith, Ali Soltani and Miho Suzuki.

RadiusTwelve is a group of independent artists working together to showcase contemporary art. This is RadiusTwelve's first curated exhibition.

For more information visit www.radiustwelve.com.

PLACE:   Ede Rothaus and Carlos Schmidt

May 21 to June 25, 2011
Ede Rothhaus and Carlos Schmidt The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Place, an exhibition of photographs by Ede Rothaus and Carlos Schmidt curated by j. maya luz.

In this exhibition, The Grady Alexis Gallery presents two artists who study landscape in classical, sensual and emotional ways. The photographers also use the idea of "place" differently. At times, "place" defines the entirety of a place, a vista. At others it is what is found, a detail encountered. The works in Place become a window into the unique expression of the artist and what the audience experiences in these carefully framed views.

Ede Rothaus, born and raised in New York City has been a photographer her whole life. Her relationships with luminary artists, such as Manuel Bravo, have inspired her work. Ms. Rothaus' works explore the vernacular landscape in Mexico, where "place" holds a personal/emotional space. Her attraction to the man-made in the natural world is witty and poignant. Observations are captured through context, form, color and light. Even in the absence of people, the viewer can experience the mundane, like an Agave Cactus on an overcast day, as a sublime moment.

Carlos Schmidt is an award-winning photographer from Mendoza, Argentina. His images are classical representations of nature as landscape and nature detail. The works are dramatic and visually arresting through the use of claroscuro (the use of contrast in the light), yet sensual through Mr. Schmidt's sensitivity to material. This will be his first show in New York City.

Women's Voices:    Susan Hoeltzel -- Beatrice Lebreton -- Jennifer Pliego

March 10 to April 7, 2011
Women's Voices In celebration of Women's History Month, The Grady Alexis gallery is pleased to present Women's Voices, an exhibition of works by Susan Hoeltzel, Beatrice Lebreton and J. Maya Luz; curated by Andrea Arroyo.

Beatrice Lebreton is a French-born painter whose work has been exhibited extensively. She presents her series "Artisans from Congo," in which she uses old Liebig trading cards produced from 1872 to 1975. The artist appropriates and recontextualizes these iconic images, adding patterns and textures inspired in traditional designs from the Congo.

Susan Hoeltzel's work explores the natural environment -plants and landscapes- finding imagery by direct observation or by processing images found in the media. She has exhibited in the United States and Europe and her work has been written about in publications ranging from Art News and Art in America to The New York Times and Washington Post.

J. Maya Luz presents a selection from Elder Flowers, a series of color prints of flowers past the normal span of life usually referred to as its prime, challenging the traditional notion of beauty. J. Maya Luz is an Artist-In-Residence at El Taller Latino Americano. She has photographed many of the notable musicians and artists that have performed and exhibited there. She has exhibited in New York and abroad.

Curated by Andrea Arroyo
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