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Adult Group Spanish Classes

We offer a range of classes, starting every month. For Level 1 to 3 students we offer:

  • Early Bird Special, meeting twice a week from 8 to 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Beginners and Intermediates. (4 weeks, 16 hours -- $270).
  • Lunch-time Español, meeting twice a week from noon to 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays(4 weeks, 16 hours -- $270).
  • Morning Intensive, meeting four times a week (Monday through Thursdays) from 10am to noon. (4 weeks, 32 hours -- $460)
  • Evening Classes, meeting twice a week from 7 to 9pm on Mondays and Wednesdays for Beginner and Intermediate students. (4 weeks, 16 hours -- $270) OR once a week from 6:30-9:30pm --Tuesdays for Beginner and Intermediate students (6 weeks, 18 hours -- $295)
  • Saturday Classes, meeting on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm (6 weeks, 18 hours -- $295)

Level 1 to 3 Defined

Level I:
This is the introductory level at El Taller. Students with little to no conversational ability are encouraged to start at this level. You will be introduced to the present, past and future tenses.
Level II:
This level is for students who feel comfortable actively participating using the present, past, and future tenses in both the simple and compound tenses.
Level III:
This level is for students who feel comfortable actively participating in almost complete Spanish and are working towards expanding their vocabulary and perfecting their pronunciation and conversational skills.

In addition, we also offer:
  • NEW CLASS: Literamúsicatura: This new class, taught by our director, Bernardo, is designed for advanced students and native speakers. Learn about the unknown writers of Latin America; experience the well-known ones in a new way; sing literature, write sound, and translate collectively. Meet guest authors as they come to visit the class. ¡Oiga! ¡Lea! ¡Traduzca! ¡Escriba! ¡Cante! Meets Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 PM—April 1-April 22, 2015 ($210). Reserve your spot now!
  • Literature Nights, an advanced level class that focuses on reading, writing and conversation. Meets Mondays from 7 to 9pm (4 weeks -- $140)
  • Summer Crash Courses with 30 hours of instruction in two weeks ($460).
CASA ABIERTA (Open House): At El Taller, we understand that our unique way of teaching the language is a little unconventional and not for everyone. To learn if the classes are fit for you, come in and audit a class before enrolling in the next session. So stop by to visit our classrooms, meet the teachers, and experience what "Spanish of the Americas™" at El Taller is all about.

We also offer a wide-variety of extra-curricular activities including Spanish Conversation Meet-Ups, field trips, and dance classes to further enhance your language learning experience. Plus don't miss our concerts, exhibit openings and special workshops. Check the Calendar for upcoming events.

Please pre-register. Space is limited and we cannot guarantee any student a seat without pre-registration.


March 2014 CHANGES

  • No Level 1 Early Bird

class photo

I took a beginning Spanish class at El Taller about a year ago. I learned more from that class than I ever have from any other Spanish class I've taken. I plan on taking the intermediate class soon and also plan to start attending the meet-ups to practice my Spanish. They are a great addition to the cultural and language centers in NYC.
B. LaBarge, New York
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