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  • How a handful of cartoonists empowered generations of Latin Americans
    Univision, May 8, 2012
    Oesterheld and Pratt belonged to a much larger Latin American tradition that has captivated comic book and cartoon enthusiasts from Argentina to Mexico, and challenged the way readers see history, culture, and themselves. Now, the exhibit “Political Neighbors,” which opened this week at El Taller Latino Americano in New York, offers Americans a glimpse of the political cartoons of three Mexican master artists: Eduardo del Río (Rius), Felipe Galindo (Feggo), and Rafael Barajas Durán (El Fisgón.)
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  • Muestra de tres maestros de la caricatura política en México
    Gonzalo Aburto, El Diario, 5 mayo 2012
    Political Neighbors. Rius, Feggo, El Fisgón. Three Master Cartoonists of México', (Vecinos políticos. Rius, Feggo, El Fisgón. Tres Maestros Caricaturistas de México), es una exhibición montada por la pintora mexicana Andrea Arroyo, que se inaugura el próximo lunes en la Galería Grady Alexis del Taller Latinoamericano, ubicada en el Upper West Side de Manhattan.

    Los tres artistas Rius, Feggo y El Fisgón, presentan en sus trabajos un acercamiento humorístico a algunos de los asuntos que afectan las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y México.

    Por las pasadas cuatro décadas sus caricaturas políticas han sido un termómetro en el que se puede medir el pulso de problemas como la inmigración, las relaciones entre los dos países, derechos humanos, la globalización y el medio ambiente.
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  • Preservando nuestra herencia cultural
    El Diario, 16 junio 2011
    En sus 32 años de existencia, el Taller Latino Americano, una institución dedicada a las artes y la educación que integra la familia de casi 100 organizaciones comunitarias de la Hispanic Federation, ha atesorado una enorme cantidad de testimonios sonoros y visuales que reflejan una parte importante de la historia artística contemporánea de nuestra comunidad. A partir de este mes, un subsidio del National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), un ente que otorga fondos para proyectos culturales y artísticos, hará posible la conversión de esa valiosa colección a formatos digitales de fácil acceso.
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  • National Endowment for the Arts announces grant to El Taller Latino Americano to support Los Archivos Del Taller - The Taller Files
    May 17, 2011
    Rocco Landesman, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, today announced that El Taller Latino Americano has been recommended for a grant to support the dissemination of over 32 years of El Taller's cultural history.
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  • EE.UU y la inmigración
    June 30, 2010
    Un grupo de artistas en Nueva York expresa con sus obras el rechazo a las leyes inmigratorias. Informe de CNN, Adriana Hauser
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  • Exposición en NY denuncia ley de Arizona
    CLAUDIA TORRENS, Actualización, June 17, 2010
    NUEVA YORK (AP) -- A poco más de un mes para que Arizona imponga la ley más severa de Estados Unidos contra la inmigración ilegal, una exposición de pintura, fotografía y arte multimedia denuncia la controvertida legislación y defiende el papel de los indocumentados en Estados Unidos.
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  • Artistas se manifiestan contra ley anti-inmigrante
    Mundo52, June 6, 2010
    En respuesta a la aprobación de la ley anti-inmigrante en Arizona, un grupo de artistas que viven en New York presentan la exposición AriZONA, Artists Respond to the Immigration Issue.

    Vía Email desde New York, la artista mexicana Andrea Arroyo explicó los motivos por los que decidió convocar y curar la muestra que se presentará en el Taller Latino Americano a partir del viernes.
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  • Morningside responds to Ariz. immigration law
    Columbia News Tonight, April 30, 2010
    With people across the country discussing the new Arizona immigration law, here in Morningside Heights, many in the immigrant community say they are ready for positive reform. Kibkabe Araya reports.
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  • El Taller Latino Americano un centro de creación
    El Diario, January 28, 2010
    Desde su fundación, hace casi 31 años, el Taller Latino Americano, un centro artístico y educativo que forma parte de la 'Hispanic Federation' ha cumplido con crecer su misión de "acercar a los latinoamericanos y estadounidenses a través del lenguaje del arte y el arte del lenguaje".
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  • The Healing Power of Tango, by Cesar Chelala
    Epoch Times, Mar 5, 2009
    NEW YORK—It was, according to tradition, an unusual evening at Taller Latinoamericano, a language school (and much more) in uptown Manhattan. Like Sinatra's many last performances, this one was supposed to be the last performance at the Taller (they had to move, unable to pay the rent) but I know, as many people do, that it won't probably be the last one. The Taller, as it is frequently called, has survived at that same place before.

    The Taller is a language school, a meeting place for unusual people eager for company, a showcase of artistic talent for people from all over Latin America, a concert hall, and a dance school. I used to joke that on a given night you could find a lion tamer, a young Japanese woman giving tango lessons, a tango guitar player from Argentina playing Brazilian songs, an obsessive painter of remarkable naïve paintings, many of which cover the Taller walls — an unending list of colorful characters.
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  • Latino nonprofits feel the squeeze of economic crunch, by Ana María Toro
    New York Daily News, February 11th 2009
    The bad economy has dealt a big blow to the city's Latino nonprofits, many of which have been forced to cut hours, reduce services and even consider closing....
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  • Classes for a new year, new you
    am New York, December 29, 2006
    El Taller Latino Americano Workshop; 2710 Broadway, 3rd floor; 212-665-9460; www.tallerlatino.org El Taller, which translates to "place of work," has created a unique way of teaching Spanish, and calls its style "the acoustic method." You won't find workbooks and vocabulary quizzes here — instead (without ever speaking a word of English) students sign and paint their way towards fluency. "
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  • RaÍces Latin Music Collection Receives Donation of Materials from El Taller LatinoAmericano
    May 2006
    El Barrio/East Harlem, New York — The RaÍces Latin Music Collection is pleased to announce that it has received a donation of materials related to the activities organized and produced by and at El Taller Latino Americano (The Latin American Workshop) from its founding in 1979 until the present. Included in the gift are close to 2,000 LPs, press materials, pictures and artifacts that document the enormous vitality and contributions that El Taller Latino Americano has made to the cultural life of New York City.
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  • Teaching in the key of Spanish
    CW11 WPIX Television, April 7, 2005
    Angelo Romano holds out two fists. He waits. Though this Spanish artist speaks no English, the message is clear: Pick one.

    In each hand he holds a small, flat square of blue plastic painted with a tiny, cartoonish angel. It's his trademark to give out these pocket-size protectors to everyone he meets.

    Both Angelo, whose works have been shown in galleries throughout the city, and his game of pick-an-angel have become fixtures at El Taller Latino Americano, a Harlem language/cultural center that offers Spanish, music and dance lessons and also functions as a gallery and performance space.

    El Taller, which translates to "place of work," has created a unique way of teaching the Spanish language, and calls its style of instruction "the acoustic method."

    You won't find workbooks and vocabulary quizzes in the classes at El Taller. In the classrooms of El Taller's Harlem loft space, hung with Angelo's rainbow-painted crucifixes and angels, students are singing and painting their way toward fluency.

    By integrating artists like Angelo, and also music, instructors steep their students in not only the melodic pronunciation of the words — which can be tricky for beginners — but also the cultural roots of the language."
    Read the rest here (along with photos and video)

  • Room To Tango; Art and Music Flourish At Local Latino Community Center
    Columbia Spectator, April 18, 2006
    El Taller Latino, a community center of sorts just blocks from Columbia, inspires a special devotion in its constituents. "Esta es la biblia del universo," artist Herberto Turrizo said, as he poured himself a cup of Colombian coffee. The bible of the universe.

    El Taller Latino, a community center on Broadway, provides a warm and eclectic haven for art and Latin American culture.

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  • 'María Manhattan', rostro de mujeres en N.Y.
    Hoy, January 4, 2004
  • Palombo’s Travels
    L Magazine, October 1, 2003
    Bernardo Palombo is a contradiction. It begins with a military college in Argentina during the 1960s: “I was trained to do what they did later. They killed 30,000 people. I left because I saw it was going to happen.” Now he practices Buddhism. Palombo moves between exhaustion, bewilderment and simple pleasure as he recounts his experiences since coming to New York City from rural Mendoza. The breadth of his tales seems absurd. Even Palombo chuckles looking back over the past 35 years. “Fortunately, there are newspapers to corroborate what I am telling you,” he adds.
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  • El Taller Latino Americano: Fostering Dialogue Through the Arts
    Columbia (University) Community Affairs, February, 2003
    El Taller Latino Americano (The Latin American Workshop) was created to help "bridge the distance between Latin Americans and North Americans through the language of art and the art of language," as described by Bernardo Palombo, El Taller's artistic director and founder. Palombo, along with his sister Maren Christina and friends Femando Persico and Toni Maples, opened the doors in 1979 to a space where Latinos and North Americans could meet. The four scraped together as much money as they could and found an inexpensive space in Chelsea. "We didn't want it to be a Latin American ghetto," said Palombo. "We wanted to participate with the North American community."
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  • WHAT A DRAG!  A top-to-bottom trek along Broadway proves our city's spine is much more than theater and lights
    Time Out New York, September 13–20, 2001
    One oasis is the funky El Taller Latíno Amerícano (2710 Broadway at 104th St, third floor). This "workshop" offers Spanish classes, concerts and art exhibits, and the small staff conducts sessions at local med schools so that doctors in Hispanic neighborhoods of northern Manhattan and the Bronx can communicate with their patients. The center seems minuscule in a sector where everything is big, including the mega-Gristede's."
  • El Alma Rebelde de Victor Hernández
    Alexandra Ochoa.
    Nueva Era, June 27, 2001
  • Hoy, Cesar Isella y grupo Fer Isella y los Makandos en El Taller Latinoamericano.
    Noticias del Mundo, June 23, 2001
  • Taller Latinoamericano, para un encuentro cultural
    Liliana MartÍnez.
    Hoy, April 8, 2001
  • Mappy Torres, La acción y la utopía viva
    Ricardo León Peña-Villa.
    El Diario/LA PRENSA, April 5, 2001
  • La Intensa Labor de un Taller Cultural
    Marco Vinicio.
    El Diario/LA PRENSA, January 14, 2001
  • La canción del Imigrante, El Taller Latinoamericano en historia retorno lanza el himno de la mancha
    Bernardo Palombo.
    El Diario/LA PRENSA, January 14, 2001
  • Milady Princesa con voz de caracola
    Ricardo León Peña-Villa.
    El Diario/LA PRENSA, September 29, 2000
  • Taller Latino americano presenta los famosos desconocidos
    Juan A. Moreno-Velásquez.
    El Diario/LA PRENSA, March 7, 2000
  • A Night Out With The Buena Vista Social Club; Noche De La Habana, Wherever They Go.
    New York Times, October 24, 1999
  • Un Espacio Comunitario Donde Convergen Las Culturas, El Taller Latinoamericano
    Candida Portugués.
    Tiempos del Mundo, October 8, 1998
  • Gringo Lingo
    Lisa Earl.
    Village Voice, October 1997
  • América Con/fusion, Bernardo Palombo & El Taller Latinoamericano
    Bell Gale Chevigny.
    Culturefront, Summer 1997

  • Immigrant Song.
    West Side Resident, September 19, 1996

Andrea Arroyo
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