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Amiguitos Bilingues: Vecinitos™

Children Spanish ClassLed by experienced teachers throughout the school year, El Taller, the Latin American Workshop™, teaches Spanish of the Americas™ for children through sound and repetition in a fun and creative way that includes music, theater, art, crafts, and daily life. The program enhances conversational ability and a sense of how the language works and sounds.

In each class, children explore themes that are important to daily life such as greetings, parts of the body, types of food, colors, the house, the restaurant, the train, i.e. life in the city. By exploring our homes, neighborhoods and city, the program brings a sense of community and better understanding of the diverse city that we call home. Each theme is accompanied by a song or art project that leads children to a better understanding of the language.

This class is taught in a bilingual format and is open to children of all language levels where children help each other to improve Spanish fluency through the arts.

Classes are taught at El Taller.

Enrollment is ongoing, as classes will not start until a minimum number of students are registered. A session of eight 2-hour classes, meeting once a week, costs $280.

Please call our office (212) 665-9460 to get more information on upcoming courses. or us for more information and to find out the next start date.

Space is limited. Registration is not guaranteed without payment.

Download registration forms here:

El Taller has allowed me to actualize my dream of starting a school for the arts for children. The children as well as the teachers have all enjoyed many meorable moments during our art and music classes and it's all thanks to El Taller and the beautiful space and atmosphere that it provides. It's a magical place of creativity and hope.

Narges Anvar, New York

When our daughter needed to learn first year high school Spanish in order to catch up with her classmates, El Taller was there for her and allowed her to accellerate her learning over the course of two summer months. What a wonderful educational institution for our neighborhood!

Florence Rubenfeld, New York
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