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Past Events at El Taller: 2009

Pedro Reñe

November 21, 2009

In conjunction with Latin American Cultural Week, Pedro Reñe a Argentine guitarrist singer and composer. He will present his songs that are influenced by tango and Argentine folklore from his two albums, "Pinceladas del Sur" & "Nos". Pedro will present his own songs and songs by other Latin American composers such as Silvio Rodriguez, Falu, and many others.

Pedro has performed at El Taller in November 2008 and at the Third Annual Festival of Latin American Cultural Week in New York. He has also performed in Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, Uruguay and many cities throughout Argentina.

For more information about Pedro Reñe: http://www.myspace.com/pedrorene and for more information about Latin American Cultural Week: www.pamar.org/lacwnyc/ target="_blank".
En el marco del Festival Anual de Semana Cultura Latina Americana, se presentara Pedro Reñe en El Taller, sus canciones tienen influencias del tango y folklore argentinos registradas en sus dos albumes "Pinceladas del Sur" y "Nos". Pedro presentar'a en esta ocasi'on canciones propias y otras de autores latinoamericanos (Silvio Rodriguez, Falú, etc.)

Ha presentado este show en noviembre de 2008 en el Taller Latinoamericano y en el 3rd Annual Festival of Latin American Cultural Week en NY. También se presentó en Espania, Suiza, Cuba, Uruguay y diversas ciudades de Argentina.

Para mas informacion sobre Pedro For more information about Pedro Reñe: http://www.myspace.com/pedrorene y para mas informacion sobre el Festival Anual de Cultura Latinoamericana: www.pamar.org/lacwnyc/.

Children's Story Time with Special Guest Honorio Robledo

November 14, 2009
Honorio Robledo an award-winning Mexican illustrator of chidren's books will present stories "¡El CuCuy!" and "!Bemberecua!", which celebrate traditions of the Mexican narrative. He will also present his most recent musical narrative "Senderos", which is an addition to the traditional Son Jarocho music from Veracruz, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Bring your family to this wonderful story telling event here at El Taller.

Noche de Tertulia y Celebración

October 24, 2009

Presentation of the book, "POEMAS LIRICOS" and celebration with the songs of VH1 (formerly known as Victor Hernandez).

A night of celebration with musicians, poets and artists sharing the best of the musical and poetic repertoire of Victor Hernandez. With the special participation of Alexandra Castaño - Abram Alberto - Demian Palombo - Joe Falcon -- Andrea Olivia and muchos más.

CMJ Music Marathon and Children's Musical Program

October 23, 2009
With Rosalía Roio and other artists.

Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter, Rosalía's music is an inspired encounter of beauty, guts and virtuosity. Though trained musically by some of the best musicians in the world, Rosalía's songs reveal a truly unaffected, creative and brave artist poised to be appreciated as an inimitable "musician's musician" for audiences with a global sensibility.

Born in Madrid (to a Spanish father and a Colombian mother), Rosalia is a guitarist, composer, percussionist, tubes blower and song writer. She studied at California Institute of the Arts with Stuart Fox and Miroslav Tadic.

Rosalia has composed music for movies, animation, contemporary dance, poetry, plastic artists, performance and theatre. She recorded her first album, Paradox in 2001. Her last CD, Urban Lullabies (Harmonia Mundi, 2007) was produced along with the Uruguayan multi-instrumentist Patrick Petruchelli.

For more information, see www.myspace.com/rosaliaroio and http://www.trespies.com/rosalia/.

Suni Paz

September 25, 2009
The work of Suni Paz covers many areas: educator, singer, composer. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, into a large, highly educated, and tightly knit family of writers, poets, musicians, and intellectuals. She started singing when she was a child and began playing guitar at age twelve. In her performances and throughout her life, Suni Paz has deftly combined her message of cultural awareness and personal awakening with an unshakable optimism.

In 1960, Suni moved to Chile with her husband and two young sons. Upon her arrival in Santiago, She was shocked by the poverty, and her observations and growing political awareness forever changed her music and lyrics. Suni performed the progressive Latin American music movement, nueva canción, before it was known as nueva canción, but she rejects this label. She prefers "music with a conscience," or música con conciencia, because it better describes the motivation behind her music. A person's conscience informs their sense of right and wrong, and it becomes that person's responsibility to be aware of what is happening around them and to act upon what their conscience tells them is right and just. "There is a connection among human beings, at least I believe that... and our connection comes from the roots. It's like we have the same water in our roots. Eventually we will recognize each other in the songs."

Suni moved to the United States in 1965 as Chilean politics became unbearable and began using the medium of song to draw comparisons between cultures, regions, and peoples. She believes that anything can be taught through song — math, science, literature — and through music she communicates the importance of heritage and cultural roots to both children and adults.

Suni is a prolific artist who has performed in North America, South America and Europe and has released more than 10 albums for Smithsonian Folkways and Santillana, and has published more than 200 songs for Del Sol, Harcourt-Brace, Mimosa, Scholastic, among others. In 2003, Suni was awarded the Magic Penny Award, recognizing those who have made an outstanding lifetime contribution to children's music.

When Clouds Clear

September 10, 2009
Our next film will begin in Ecuador, one of Latin America's smallest, yet most diverse countries. When Clouds Clear, an exciting film directed by Anne Slick and Danielle Bernstein, offers a wonderfully intimate portrait of Junin, Ecuador.

This award winning documentary tells the story of Junin's radical resistance to a proposed copper mine that would level and destroy their way of life forever. Set in the isolated cloud forest of the Northern Andes mountains, the film is narrated by the founders and children of Junin, who depict how the village's daily life has been affected by the rich ore deposits that were discovered beneath their land. These once-peaceful farmers find themselves thrust into a dangerous world of corruption, murder and arson as they fight tenaciously to protect their land and families. Two mining companies are increasingly brazen in their attempts to infiltrate and control the area, and in response the community unites in resistance in order to survive.

Andrés Godoy

July 22, 2009
Andres Godoy Born in San Antonio (Port) Chile, Andrés Godoy lost his entire right arm in an accident at age 14. Despite his injury and inspired by the power and wonder of music, Andrés invented a one-armed technique for guitar. Tatap. Accompanied by this adversity, he continued in silence with a daily practice his passion for the guitar.

Tatap is a tecnique for guitar with one hand, product and the result of a long work of life and rehabilitation that Andrés has developed. It consists in drumming, percussive, blows and strumming with the fingertips on the string of guitar producing in this way chords, melody and rhythm simultaneously.

During 2008 Andrés was invited by Peter Finger to Open String Fest in Osnabrueck. And he has shared the stage with Petteri Sariola, Ralf Gauck, Irina Kulikova, Bob Bonastre, Walter Lupi, in various theaters, cafes, universities in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Bochun, and Amsterdam.

For more information visit www.myspace.com/andresgodoy or www.andresgodoy.com
Chileno, nacido en el puerto de San Antonio, a la edad de 14 años Andrés Godoy perdió en un accidente la totalidad de su brazo derecho. A pesar de esta tragedia e inspirado por el poder sanador de la música, Andrés inventó una técnica para guitarra con una mano, Tatap. Acompañado por esta adversidad, Andrés continuó practicando diariamente y en silencio su pasión por la guitarra.

Tatap es una técnica para guitarra con una mano, resultado de un largo proceso y trabajo de rehabilitación que Andrés desarrolló. La técnica Tatap consiste en golpear, percutir, rasguñrar, tirar con los dedos las cuerdas de la guitarra y de este modo y en diversas combinaciones producir, ritmos, acordes y melodía simultáneamente.

Durante el 2008 Andrés fue invitado por Peter Finger al Open String Fest in Osnabrueck. Durante el 2009 Andrés se encuentra realizando una gira por diversos paieacute;ses de Europa (Alemania, Italia, Francia, Inglaterra y por norteamerica, Canadá y USA).

Para mas información visita www.myspace.com/andresgodoy www.andresgodoy.com


June 27, 2009
m2duom2duo is back!! 4 years after their last official appearance as a duo, they will be playing Piazzolla, originals and more.

Violinist Machiko Ozawa and pianist Makia Matsumura have been fascinating the crowd in NYC and beyond since 2001, when they started to play together at Café Mozart on Upper West Side. They have since appeared at unique NYC venues (La MaMa e.t.c., The Stone, Merkin Hall) while also invited to perform at General Consulate of Japan's private residence in San Francisco, Onteora Library Summer Benefit Concert in Tannersville, NY, and Igel Hall in Kamakura, Japan.

Although they have both been classically trained at The Juilliard School, they enjoy very diverse backgrounds. For example, Machiko is also a fine tap dancer (making her debut performance of Morton Gould's Tap Dance Concerto with North Shore Symphony Orchestra in May 2007), while Makia has been developing skills as a tech-savvy engineer and production coordinator alongside her career as a composer. The combination of such eclectic talents is really a rare find.

These two musicians effortlessly jump between genres and bridge the gap between analogue and digital sounds, as well as visible and audible. While they have been known for their unique and passionate interpretation of Nuevo Tango — Astor Piazzolla's music., their repertoire actually covers a wide range of musical styles in addition to tango — classical, jazz, film/world music, avant-garde, electro-acoustic (Machiko does have an electric violin and an effector)— Their curiosity is unlimited.

Check out their music on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/m2duonyc.

Arturo Castillo Tristán

June 20, 2009
Mexican poet Arturo Castillo Tristán presents his book Así Me Pinta La Aurora. Music by Trío Amanecer Huasteco and Los Camaleones.

A Midsummer's Eve Finnish-Argentinian Tango Fundraiser

June 19, 2009
Tango Night Celebrate Midsummer's Eve with El Taller at our "Finnish tango meets Argentinian tango" fundraiser! Enjoy traditional tango music, dance, Finnish food and drinks and great Spanish and Finnish conversation!

Plus there are plenty of great prizes to be raffled! Win an hour of therapeutic massage with Manos Therapeutics (value $150) or dinner for two at the luxury Smorgas Café ($100) - just two of the fantastic gifts that could be yours!

What is Finnish tango? Now you can find out and immerse yourself in a wonderful new tango experience. Acclaimed Argentine composer-musician Bernardo Palombo will open the doors of his spacious art gallery/performance space to the public for a milonga unlike any this city has ever experienced. Learn the steps of Finland's unique fusion of fiery Argentine rhythms and elegant Scandinavian patterns in the landmarked Upper West Side building!

Brought to Europe in the 1910s by traveling Argentine tango players and dancers, Finns quickly embraced the passionate rhythms and, isolated as they were from the many currents of tango evolution that swept South America, Europe and America, they developed their own style of exotic tango expression. These traditional Finnish tangos are taught in schools all over Finland and are celebrated annually at midsummer dance fests.

After tangoing the Finnish way at a workshop with professional dancer Sari Nordman, compare and contrast the steps with an Argentine tango workshop held by tango instructor Dante Polichetti. Pick the style that suits you and dance the night away to the sounds of a live Argentine tango band.

Sari Nordman is a New York-based freelance dancer-choreographer and a native of Finland. Sari has performed nationally and internationally in venues as diverse as Columbia University, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project, Jacob's Pillow, The Kitchen, Mabou Mines, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Sitelines, and the Tang Teaching Museum, among others. She holds an M.F.A. degree in modern dance from NYU/Tisch School of the Arts. She also teaches dance. For more information check her web site www.myspace.com/sarinordman.

Dante Polichetti has been dancing tango in New York since 2002 when he walked through the doors of the Sandra Cameron Dance Center. There he discovered the Argentine tango and fell in love with the beauty, movement and sensibility of the dance. As a member of the center's student tango company, he was invited by his teachers, Karina Romero and Dardo Galletto, to perform with their New Generation Dance Company. Dante has spent the last four years performing in the NGDC shows "Black/White Tango," "El Rey del Tango," and "Volver al Sur," and has been privileged and honored to share the stage with such legendary dancers as Carlos Copello, Guillermina Quiroga, Natalia Hills and Gabriel Misse. Though he now teaches at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center, Dante looks forward to being a student of this magnificent art form...forever. Abrazo, caminar, bailar. For more information check his web site http://sandracameron.com/.

Flora Santiago

June 12, 2009
A night of "bohemia" with Flora Santiago reading poems from her book Andando Sola, accompanied by 6 musicians.

Books and CD's will also be available.

Soy Andina

May 29, 2009
El Taller is proud to present the 4th installment of our Latino Documentary film series Soy Andina....

Two women raised in different worlds — an immigrant folk dancer from the Andes, and a modern dancer from Queens journey to Peru to reconnect with roots and an astonishing world of traditional dance and culture.

Soy Andina has screened at film festivals, schools and cultural centers throughout the Americas , and will be broadcast on Public Television's "Voces" series this fall.

DVD and more information at http://www.soyandina.com

Director Mitchell Teplitsky will be present for Q&A following the screening.

Jorge Antonio Renaud

May 7, 2009
Jorge Antonio Renaud, recently released from the Texas prison system, reads from recent works.

Renaud's writing has appeared in Americas Review, The Texas Observer, The Threepenny Review, Revista Chicano-Riqueña, and The Other Side among other publications.

He has received nine PEN Prison Writing Contest awards for his poetry, fiction, non-fiction and memoir writing. His important book, Behind the Walls: A Guide for Families and Friends of Texas Prison Inmates, was published by the University of North Texas Press.

The Advocacy Committee of PEN Prison Writing Program has been active in his struggle to win parole. Free at last, Renaud is devoting himself to prison reform.

Reception will follow the reading. "But the possibility for change is ever present. All we need to do is to believe, to truly believe that each man and woman is blessed with a kernel of redemption, and to then ask ourselves: do we nourish it, or do we let it wither and die."

From Convicts and Communities, Jorge A. Renauld, 2007

Annual Caribbean Benefit Concert

April 25, 2009
TransdiasporaTransdiaspora Network is hosting its 2nd Annual Caribbean Benefit Concert as an opportunity to extend the organization's mission to the general public and to raise the awareness of HIV prevention in the community.

The event will send a needed remainder to New York City, and its youngest population in particular, about the urgency to be more proactive on the HIV prevention topic. It will be also a magnificent ocassion to symbolically welcome President Obama's appointee Jeffrey S. Crowley as the head the Office of National AIDS Policy, the White House Office tasked with coordinating the continuing efforts of the government to reduce the number of HIV infections across the United States and coordinating care for those with the disease.

For the occasion, Cuban singer-songwriter Pavel Urkiza, from Gema & Pavel duo, recognized as "an exception to the current musical creative drought" on the world music scene, will be playing with the Caribbean Subway. This project rediscovers old traditions and instruments from the Caribbean creating a sonorous color World Music style.

Julio Santillan New York farewell concert

April 24, 2009

Argentine composer - guitarist Julio Santillan will play his last concert as a New York resident on Friday, April 24th. at 9pm at El Taller Latinoamericano.

Julio Santillan

To describe the music of Julio Santillan, you would have to learn different languages: the language of classical music that had a strong impact in the development of the composer; the language of tango and folkloric music of his native Argentina and the language of jazz, that is evident in the new generations of composers-improvisers. But I would dare to say, that not even understanding these worlds you would be able to describe the magic hidden behind this unique musician. Those three styles, so different from each other, find in Julio Santillan a point of connection, a door to unlimited musical possibilities. In a few words, the guitarist and composer has created a new and unique sound that doesn't follow any rule but at the same time is accessible to everybody.

The Boston Herald described Julio's music as "A Striking combination of jazz sensibility applied to Argentinean folk rhythms."; and Time Out New York magazine wrote "Santillan melds styles from down south into a fresh distinctly jazz sound."

The repertoire is original music based on South American rhythms like chacarera, zamba, tango, vidala, milonga, huayno and candombe. Mr. Santillan received the prestigious "Meet the Composer/Van Lier Fellowship Award" in 2004, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, and the Kunstgegen Foundation 2007 Music for Modern Dance Performance Competition Award. He has recorded five CDs with his own compositions: Desde el Norte (2001), Anit Negra (2003), Ñann (2005), El Bosque de la Memoria (2008) and Argentinean Jazz in New York (2009).

Julio has performed in Argentina, Colombia, Finland, Greece, Canada, Spain and in more than fifty cities in the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Dallas and Washington D.C.

El Taller Documentary Film Series: Birth of the Sun and Welcome to Batey 6

April 17, 2009

The El Taller documentary film series will host a night of short film screenings with "Birth of the Sun" and "Welcome to Batey 6". To complete the evening about artists, individuals, and outsiders, the filmmakers will screen a musical excerpt from the work-in-progress about the thirty-year history of El Taller. Refreshments will be served and there will be time to talk and socialize before and after the screenings.

The films will be followed by a Q & A session with the directors, refreshments, and some socializing.

Birth of the Sun:
Birth of the Sun explores downtown New York City of the late 1980's through the short artistic life of Grady Alexis. Born in Haiti, Grady moved between the Lower East Side world of art, music, the streets, and galleries. He lived in squats and on the street for much of his life in New York City. He was artist-in-residence at El Taller Latino Americano on East Second Street until 1990, living informally in the space, painting and making music. With his violent death in 1991, the Taller "family" broke up, and the East Village was about to change forever.

In the film a number of people, including Lori Leistyna, artists Thom Corn and Hamlet Zurita and musician Demian Palombo, look back on their time with Grady. Bernardo Palombo and his sons Demian and Ira considered Grady to be part of their family. The film also documents the recreation by numerous artists of a signature work created by Grady, the mural called "Birth of the Sun". The painting hung at El Taller for many years but is long lost, probably destroyed.

Recent festival screenings include African World Documentary Festival (St. Louis, Barbados), The Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee Film Festival (Selma, Alabama), and New Filmmakers Series (New York City). Produced by Bernardo Palombo and Thomas W. Campbell. Music by Tico da Costa, Quequi Sinesi, Demian and Bernardo Palombo. Shot by Emmanuel Alexandre jr. Written and Directed by Thomas W. Campbell. (27 minutes).

Website for complete credits and other information: www.birthofthesun.com

Welcome to Batey Six:
Welcome to Batey 6 is a documentary written and directed by Emmanuel Alexandre jr. and shot by Kemah Keita-Diouf. The film offers an intimate look into the lives of Haitian sugarcane cutters and the effects on their families and the local culture. Exploring life in a Dominican Batey (a sugar cane town), the story follows two men who live there. Emelio has recently come from Haiti with his wife and children to find a way to support his family. The work is difficult, the pay is small, and the money proves difficult to collect. Titonton can trace his family back over 100 years and has lived on the Batey longer than most. He is the unofficial mayor and has a level of authority that Emelio can only dream about. Their lives intertwine in Batey 6, revealing the different realities of what it is like to live and to work in the sugar cane economy on the island. (20 minutes).

Andrés Pilar

April 4, 2009
Andres Pilar Andrés Pilar playing music from his recently released CD, "Danza".

Pianist, composer and arranger born in 1981, Andrés started playing piano at the age of 10 in Buenos Aires. His growing interest in Argentinean music took him to study popular music at some renowned music schools in Buenos Aires and in 2001, he won a 5 year grant from the Maimónides University to study Composition and Arrangement where he graduated in 2007.

As a pianist, he has played as soloist as accompanied by musicians including Vitillo Ábalos, Raúl Olarte, Hilda Herrera, Juan Falú, CIMAP, Esdras Campos, Fernando Lernoud, Improvisation Leila Kuhm Group, Santiago Segret, Sebastián Gangi, amongst others. Andrés has mostly composed music for piano and chamber ensembles, and he has specialized in Argentinean music arrangements for diverse ensembles.

Besides his artistic activity, Andrés teaches music at the Maimónides University. In September 2008 he recorded his first CD, "Danza", presented in November 2008 at the National Music Center in Buenos Aires.

"...Only 27 years old, Andres has a great future. Thanks to a solid musical foundation, great piano technique, good human character, talent to grow, and an enormous love for Argentinean music. His tremendous passion will guide him throughout his musical career..."
Secretaria de Cultura de la Nación - Nov 18th 2008

"...Here, Pilar demonstrates through works by Leguizamon and Castilla, Manzi and Piana, Hilda Herrera, Juan Falú, Los Hermanos Ábalos, Los Núñez and Atahualpa Yupanqui his technical skill, simplicity to create arrangements and good taste. To this he adds his own compositions and those of Fernando Lernoud which are in perfect harmony with the rest..."

La Nación" Newspaper - Jan 11th 2009

Entierros y Exhumaciones

March 27, 2009

entierros y exhumaciones
Entierros y exhumaciones: muestras de la vida y la muerte en el Cementerio General de Cochabamba (Burials and Exhumations: Signs of Life and Death in Cochabamba's General Cemetery)

A film and photo project about a group of children and teens who work in the General Cemetery (Cementerio General) of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Film screening followed by discussion and food, music and celebration for Viernes Social.

Federico Lechner Tango & Jazz Trio with special guest, Marc Mommaas

March 18, 2009
Federico Lechner Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1974, Federico began to play piano at the age of three with his mother, the music pedagogue Lolita Lechner. During his childhood he worked singing for TV spots and played some classical piano recitals.

At the age of ten he moves with his family to Spain where he began to study modern music: piano with Horacio Icasto, Harmony with Rafael Reina, Ear Training with Hebe Onesti, Trumpet with Julio Daud, and Rhythm with Miguel Gil.

Federico has played with most of the top jazz musicians of Spain, such as Antonio Serrano, Perico Sambeat, Jorge Pardo, Ximo Tebar, Carles Benavent, Israel Sandoval, Pedro Ruy Blas, and many others, as well as with great american jazz artists, as Jerry Gonzalez, Christian Howes, Rez Abbasi, Ugonna Okewo, Bob Sands, and others, touring in Europe, the U.S. and South America.

Federico has recorded over 40 albums of many different styles, including 5 as a Jazz Artist. One of them, "A Primera Vista", duo with Jerry Gonzalez, was nominated Finalist as Best Jazz Album 2002 on the Spanish Music Awards.

To learn more about Federico and his trio, check out his web sites, including www.myspace.com/federicolechner, www.myspace.com/federicolechnertangojazztrio and www.federicolechner.com

Clayton Bryant's
Pre Valentine Day Show

February 13, 2009
Ashford and Simpson

Celebrating a night of love & the release of Ashford & Simpson's Live Cd/Dvd "The Real Thing"

Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson are responsible for some of the biggest R&B hits of all time. As a songwriting team for Motown Records, the husband-and-wife pair created smash singles for Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Diana Ross.


February 6, 2009
Screeening and conversation
with film director

QuilomboQuilombo Films is the award-winning feature documentary about Brazilian villages founded by escaped and rebel slaves. The event will include a question-and-answer session and a discussion by director/producer Leonard Abrams about ethnographic filmmaking and the independent filmmaking process. The screening and discussion will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Brazil, once the world's largest slave colony, was brutal and deadly for millions of Africans. But many thousands escaped and rebelled, creating settlements in Brazil's untamed hinterland. Largely unknown to the outside world, these communities struggle today to preserve a rich heritage born of resistance to oppression.

"Quilombo Country" includes rare footage of festivals and ceremonies that blend Catholic, African and native Amazonian rituals and customs, and examines issues of political identity, land rights, and racial and socioeconomic discrimination. The film is narrated by Chuck D, the legendary poet, media commentator and leader of the iconic hip hop band Public Enemy.

"Quilombo Country" has played at more than 20 film festivals worldwide, winning Best Documentary at Black International Cinema Berlin, and has been acquired by more than 300 universities, museums and other cultural organizations.

"An up-close-and-personal look at the state of these villages today, featuring surprisingly articulate accounts from residents lacking in formal education." - The New York Times

"Turns a sensitive ethnographic eye to the racial issues facing quilombolas." - Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

"A wonderfully rich picture of everyday life and festival culture in quilombos." - Black Camera

Website: http://www.quilombofilm.com

Last Tango on Broadway?

January 22, 2009
Last Tango on Broadway?

Last Tango image Skyrocketing rent may force El Taller to say adiós to its Broadway gallery and performance space. But if it happens, we intend to go out singing and dancing - with a spectacular "Building Benefit" Milonga that will make you think you've just disembarked from an Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Buenos Aires (without the 11-hour plane ride).

Internationally famous singer-composer Bernardo Palombo, the Argentina-born founder and director of El Taller for 28 years, will joing his Porteño compadres in seductive tangos, delirious valses, and saucy milongas that many New Yorkers have never even heard before, let alone danced to. In the spell of these world-class international virtuosi (not usually heard on the NY Tango "scene"), you will glide, you will twirl, you will fly.

Live Music: The fabulous Taller Cuatro Tango Club. Guillermo Vaisman, keyboards; Ruben Isola, guitars; Ken Rizzo, bass; Guillermo Cardenas percussion.

Live Vocals by famed international singer actress Adelaide Mestre, who will perform the 'World Premier' of Caminito - one of the most beloved of all Argentine tangos - in a moving new immortal 1920s lyrics by poet Coby Lubliner

To Drink: Delicious Malbec, Syrah and Tempranillo wines from Mendoza and Tucuman. Aromatic Argentine coffee will be served — with native Yerba Mate tea.
To Eat: Splendid quesos and chorizos from Argentina, France and Italy, on oven-fresh Sourdough baguettes from the fabled Silver Moon Bakery, which The New Yorker calls "more Left Bank than upper Broadway."

You must sign a film release to enter.
The evening will be filmed by noted director Tom Campbell for his upcoming documentary on El Taller. Everyone will be filmed. So if you're ashamed of your ochos and ganchos, or afraid of popping up on your local art cinema screen — by all means, stay home.

Otherwise, come dance and drink the night away at our Last Tango on Broadway.

Inauguration Day Party

January 20, 2009
Come celebrate the dawn of a new era with us. We will be re-screening events from the day, drinking mojitos, snacking on munchies, and cheering on our new president Obama! We will be dancing to live music featuring Dandelion Wine and La Res, followed by who knows what. There is no admission charge - the more bodies the warmer! Sí se puede and Yes We Did!

About the bands:
This new rock trio is shredding through the downtown music scene with its unique sound ---one that is raw, driving, and unapologetic. Think 70s hard rock with a pinch of Seattle grunge. A live show that evokes the feel of Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth and early Radiohead. Recent performances include shows at The Annex, Pianos, Mercury Lounge and a live taping at the Webster Hall Sessions for WH Digital.

For more about La Res, check out their web site at www.myspace.com/vivelares.

"Dandelion boasts a fine frontman in Danny Musengo, whose spunky, scrappy delivery helps the local indie-folk trio carve out a unique sound."
-----Time Out New York

Think 70s folk with a touch of southern gospel. A live show that evokes the feel of Dylan, Joe Cocker and early Rod Stewart. Recent performances include shows at The Annex, Rockwood (w/Norah Jones) and Piano's.

For more about the band, check them out at www.myspace.com/dandelionwine1
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