El Taller Latino Americano 215 E. 99th Street, New York, NY 10029
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Past Events at El Taller: 2015

Cantando en Familia

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Free for children under the age of 6.

Ruben Gonzalez will be leading a bilingual participatory show for children of all ages. Come prepared to sing, dance, and think!

Music and Words

Friday, December 18, 2015

Music and Words is a guitar concert and reading featuring three performances (Elisa Corona, Mexican writer and guitarrist, Huascar Robles and Edgardo Nunez, composers and writers from Puerto Rico, and a special performance by the New York Guitar Circle) united by their common relationship to the worlds of literature and music, and their intertextual relations with both Spanish and English.


Friday, December 11, 2015

CHAMA (Spanish slang used in Venezuela and Nicaragua for young girl) is a dynamic group that applies a garage band aesthetic to composed and improvised music, drawing influences from rock, avant-garde, swing and Latin American music.

Leonor, Juanma and Arturo first started as young musicians in Caracas/Venezuela who migrated and reunited 15 years later in the US, to form this exciting group.

Leonor Falcon - Violin, Viola
Juanma Trujillo - Guitar
Arturo Garcia - Drums

Manu Sija

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Manu Sija is a multi-instrumentalist from the Tucuman province of Argentina. His work features an exciting blend of musical styles ranging from Argentinean folk to jazz.

Pedro Reñe presents:Tango and Argentine folklore: Telling tales from the South

Saturday, November 14

A journey through Argentine history and music: songs from Carlos Gardel, Mercedes Sosa, Atahualpa Yupanqui, and other composers. Stories told through the guitar and voice of Argentinean musician and songwriter, Pedro Rene.

Invited artists: Alexandra Brown and Rachel Bassini.

Pete Seeger

Sunday, November 15

An exciting multi-media presentation featuring rare footage and archival recordings that explore the life, music, and extraordinary impact of Pete Seeger. Cesare Civetta, conductor, will share how one musician with a banjo was able to galvanize an entire anti-war movement.


Sunday, November 15

ANTENNA, a unique ensemble with flexible instrumentation, is a collective of creative composer-improvisors with likeminded musical visions.
The music performed by ANTENNA, is a combination of through composed pieces, with moments of solo and or group improvisation based on the melodic, rhythmic and structural information provided by the composition.
Some of the members of ANTENNA have played with many renown jazz artists and improvisers such as pianist and MacArthur award recipient Vijay Iyer, bassist Michael Formanek, legendary John Scofield, four time Grammy nominated John Hollenbeck and many others.
ANTENNA is comprised of Zach Swanson on bass, Venezuelan guitarist and composer Juanma Trujillo who has been an outstanding soloist at the Monterrey Jazz Festival, Venezuelan violinist and composer Leonor Falcón, drummer/electronic musician and composer Noel Brennan and Mexican vibraphonist/percussionist and composer Patricia Brennan, a graduate from the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music.