El Taller Latino Americano 215 E. 99th Street, New York, NY 10029
(212) 665-9460

Music and Film at El Taller

guitar El Taller has a long history of being the musical home in New York for musicians from all over the Americas. Our Artistic Director Bernardo Palombo is a composer, performer and impresario who has brought some of the greatest names in American music to El Taller including: Mercedes Sosa, Philip Glass, David Byrne, León Gieco, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Grupo Aymara, Conjunto Libre, The Soldier String Quartet, Pete Seeger, Luis Días, and Larry Harlow.

A constant flow of New York's best musicians routinely transform this intimate salon into their performance "laboratory". Just ask Pablo Mayor, The James Begian Big Band, Lucia Pulido or Pedro Giraudo. As Valerie Naranjo tells it, "This is one of the last places in New York where business has not spoiled the music."

Our goal is not only to present the best in Latin music, but also to encourage a mixture of musical traditions that results in new creative collaborations and truly new music.

In 2007, the New York State Music Fund awarded El Taller a grant to produce and record six concerts under the title of Famosos Desconocidos or Famous Unknowns.

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