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Outside WorkshopIn keeping with the organization's mission to advance the development of a cohesive community by providing exposure to, understanding of and respect for the cultural arts of the Americas through the provision of creative collaborations, we offer the community numerous options for cultural, artistic, musical, and educational workshops with both local and visiting teaching artists.

Most of the artists in our network are bilingual so workshops can be offered in English, Spanish or a combination of the two languages. Workshops can also be customized to the school's curriculum or issues in the community.

Here are just a few examples of some of the special workshops we can bring to your location.

  • CANTANDO EN ESPAÑOL: This sing-a-long style workshop features original songs composed by El Taller's Founder and Artistic Director, Bernardo Palombo (Argentina), many of which were the first bilingual songs for Sesame Street and featured on El Taller's production of Grammy Award Winner Dan Zanes &Friends' Nueva York. Children and adults alike will enjoy this musical journey through the Americas all while learning basic Spanish vocabulary like foods, weather, and parts of the body. Each participant in the workshop will receive a copy of Cantando CD and the accompanying Cantando Cancionero songbook to continue to fun at home. Recommended for ages 4+.
  • AFRO-PERUVIAN RHYTHMS & DANCE: This workshop covers the history of the arrival of African culture to Peru, musical samples of three traditional Afro-Peruvian instruments, sample popular dances, and full-class participation in a percussion jam session and dance routine. The goal is to actively involve the participants in learning Afro-Peruvian instruments, rhythms, and dances. Recommended for ages 5+.
  • CARIBBEAN RHYTHMS & DANCE: This workshop explores rhythms from Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The objective is to engage participants in learning unique musical rhythms and their function through hands-on participation in a percussion ensemble. Participants will become acquainted and experiment with a variety of traditional instruments including congas, bongos, bells and other minor percussion. Recommended for ages 5+.
  • MERENGUE & BACHATA – DANCES OF THE CARIBBEAN: This movement and dance workshop explores rhythms of the Caribbean. Participants will actively participate in learning the rhythms, steps and movements of Merengue and Bachata. Recommended for ages 5+.
  • TANGO – THE MUSIC & DANCE OF ARGENTINA: Following a brief presentation about the history of Tango music and dance in Argentina, participants will enjoy a live presentation of popular Argentinean tangos followed by a brief tango lesson for beginners. Ages 12+.
  • SALSA RUEDA: Participants will take part in learning rhythms and movements of one of the fastest growing and popular Salsa styles in the United States. Individuals will learn how to move in a circular formation with each other and change partners, while staying in rhythm with basic Salsa steps.
  • COLOMBIAN-STYLE SALSA: Professional dancer and Colombian native Daniel Fetecua-Soto leads this unique dance workshop focused in the rhythms and movements unique to Colombian-style (On-1) salsa. Daniel takes the approach of teaching dance by first understanding the culture and of the "tumbao" (rhythm) of the dance. This includes about the history of salsa, by listening carefully to different styles of salsa music and then understanding what the instruments do in order to translate all this into movement.
  • TRADITIONAL & FOLKLORIC DANCES OF COLOMBIA: In collaboration with Daniel Fetecua-Soto's Pajarillo Pinta'o folkloric dance ensemble, this workshop showcases the beauty of the diverse folkloric dance traditions from the indigenous peoples, African slaves and European immigrants of Colombia. A journey of movement through the Andes, Llanos (Plains) and both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, this workshop will showcase both the dances and traditional costumes of each region.

  • MASK-MAKING: Easily adaptable to various ages and educational levels, participants in this fun and hands-on art workshop will learn about traditional masks including Aztec, Mayan and Mexican luchadores. Participants will choose one of three mask templates and can choose from a wide array of art supplies and found objects to decorate the mask. Recommended for children ages 3+.
  • PIÑATAS MEXICANAS: In this two-part workshop, participants will learn about the traditions and customs of Mexican piñatas. In the first part, each participant will design and construct their own original piñata while the second portion of the workshop will be dedicated to decorating the structure. Recommended for children ages 4+.
  • CARIBBEAN ENVIRONMENT GLITTER-GLOBES – A RECYCLED ART PROJECT: Each participant will be asked to bring a medium-sized glass jar, in which they will create a diorama of the Caribbean environment. Students will first learn basic vocabulary about colors, animals, and environment common to the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Recommended for children ages 4+.
  • VIAJE A NUEVA YORK – BILINGUAL STORYWRITING: Children will first read Lola's Viaje a Nueva York, a bilingual children's story written by El Taller's Program Manager, Meagan Van Ahn. The book introduces vocabulary about modes of transportation, landmarks, and life in the city, all with the goal of helping children to communicate effectively while traveling throughout the city in both English and Spanish. Children will then write and illustrate their own short stories about their favorite places in New York. Children must be able to read and write. Recommended for children ages 6-10.
  • ANIMAL MOSAICS: Each participant will use natural elements, such as beans, peas and lentils, to create a natural mosaic of animal life from a Latin American country. This workshop can be taught using animals from Mexico, the Amazonian Jungle or the Galapagos Islands/Ecuador. Recommended for children ages 4+.
  • INDIGENOUS ICONS MURAL: After a brief presentation about the indigenous icons from ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures, participants will each receive a tile board in which to create a piece of a larger mural to be displayed in their school, neighborhood or community. Recommended for children ages 6+.
Pricing is dependent upon the number of participants, transportation costs, and Teaching Artist fees. Workshops availability is subject to the availability of the Teaching Artist.

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Some of the Organizations We've Worked With

  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Emily Dickinson School
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Children's Museum of Manhattan
  • Family Life Academy Charter School
  • Spence Chapin Adoption Agency
  • WestPark Presbyterian Church
  • West Prep Academy
  • PS 89, Elmhurst

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