El Taller Latino Americano 215 E. 99th Street, New York, NY 10029
(212) 665-9460

Private Spanish Classes

If you have specific language needs, try El Taller´s private language classes, at our facilities or yours.  Call us to discuss your specific needs and schedule.

Private Spanish Classes Price Schedule

(All classes 1½ hours)
At El Taller     
Private (1 student)
4 classes
Semi-Private (2 students)
4 classes     
$260 each student
$320 each student

* In Manhattan or nearby outer boroughs. We reserve the right to impose higher rates for other destinations.

Please note that we require at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Any missed classes without such notice will be counted towards the student's completed classes. Students have 6 months in which to complete all classes. After such time, any unused classes and refund are considered forfeit.

Questions? Send us an email or call us any weekday between 10am and 6pm at (212) 665-9460.

One of the best places to learn Spanish and about the diverse cultures that have the Spanish language as their past or present.

Although I could take Spanish classes for free at Columbia University, because I am a Dean there, I prefer to study with El Taller. I also have recommended it to many of my colleagues and students. The continued location of this important educational and cultural institution on the Upper West Side is important to the entire community.

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