El Taller Latino Americano 215 E. 99th Street, New York, NY 10029
(212) 665-9460

Our Community Speaks Up

In 2009, El Taller found itself in a precarious position with its landlord. We reached out to our community to sign a petition to help us stay in our space and almost 700 people responded. Below are some of the many wonderful expressions of support we received.

El Taller is an amazing cultural resource, and I've felt incredibly fortunate to know and work with Bernardo, Mary, Franklin, and everybody else in the Taller family. El Taller has enlightened and enriched my New York experience, as I believe it can for New Yorkers from all walks of life.
Brendan Baker, New York

El Taller is a vital part of the neighborhood and beyond.
Julia Ballerini, New York

El Taller Latinoamericano is a tremendously important cultural institution on a par with the key museums and art centers of New York City. El Taller's existence should not be contingent on the vagaries of the real estate market or the whims of particular building owners. El Taller ought be recognized as a public good, and its ongoing support should be a matter of simple common sense. The preservation of El Taller as an essential and irreplaceable organism in our environment marks a convergence point of our self-interest and collective survival.
Eric Darton, New York

Taller Latino is not just a remarkable institution - it is essential. I have only begun in the last several months to become familiar with its programs and the opportunities it provides to its many communities. The loss of its home would be an terrible blow to the city and beyond.
John Osburn, New York

El Taller has been a neighborhood institution without which we all would have been just that much poorer in social and cultural capital. New York City needs places like El Taller now more than ever. The richness of the cities population is reflected in El Taller's extraordinary cultural contributions. It would be a true tragedy were El Taller to cease to exist.
Victoria Ortiz, California

I believe that El Taller is a vital institution for artists and the community at large. I have known El Taller for many years, having brought joy, education, cultural exposure to myself, family and friends.
Maria Terrero, New York

El Taller is doing wonderful work at creating understanding between different cultures, not only between those of Latin America and the northern US, but also in a worldwide perspective. I have had a wonderful time there learning Spanish (which courses were given by a fantastic team of real, enthusiastic and motivated persons).
Joost Edixhoven, Netherlands

A valuable asset to the Upper West Side community. Yanet Baldares, New York

El Taller is one of the most important cultural institutions in New York! At El Taller, I took excellent Spanish language classes, heard incredible music, saw art, photography and film from Latin America or by Latin American artists in New York. I learned about Latin culture and was inspired to travel to several Latin American countries to photograph and become involved in human rights issues. There is no place like El Taller!!
Sandra Gray, California

Love the taller. i have been to many events and gallery shows here thru the years and consider it a vital part of the upper west side.
John Exter, New York

El Taller is such a special place...As a community and arts center, it gathers people from around the world to share in the dialogue of life. Spaces that offers such an environment are slowly disappearing and it is imperative that you consider the value a place like El Taller has in its' community. I have attended concerts, arts exhibits, taken Salsa classes and have worked with El Taller to host events...it is a beacon of cultural awareness.
Carmen Rivera, New York

El Taller is not just an excellent language instruction center but a friendly and welcoming place where friends and colleagues can gather to practice their newly-learned Spanish, listen to terrific live music, enjoy the art displayed in the gallery or learn salsa.
Prudence Arndt, New York

I have enjoyed many events at El Taller with my family over the last 15 years. At El Taller, my daughter and her friends have taken classes to learn Spanish and about Latino culture. El Taller is a cultural treasure.
Cathleen Kiebert-Gruen, New York

This is one of the most unique cultural experiences I have ever encountered. It is a high class institution that creates a better understanding of culture through language, art and music.
Athena Cintolo, New York


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