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Visual Arts at El Taller

Art at El Taller is based upon three areas: diffusion, teaching and services.


Gallery The Grady Alexis Gallery is a space that is open to many forms of the arts. Since 1979 it has offered curatorial support to known and emerging artists with the only requirement being visual creativity. Many of our exhibited artists (though not all) are of Latino heritage, and much of the art we exhibit bases itself in Latin American themes. The Gallery considers as part of its mission introducing new artists to the New York scene.

El Taller also worked with other organizations to co-sponsor exhibits. For example we worked with Westpark Presbyterian Church to offer a series of art exhibits as part of A Project of Latin Music and Art on the Upper West Side.

Art Workshops

El Taller also creates special art workshops and community projects for schools and community organizations, including the Children's Museum of Manhattan, American Museum of Natural History, Family Life Academy, and PS 89.

Plus we offer special arts workshops at our own space, both for adults and children.

One recent example was a Family Art Workshop at Children's Museum of Manhattan (CMOM).

Art Services

The Taller has a large network of people who are prepared to offer services to the artistic community, businesses and the general public:

  • Painting: portraits, murals, images for print reproduction
  • Restoration: of antiquities, paintings, etc.
  • Sculpture: design, production, molds, castings, ornamentation and individual assistance

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El Taller Latino Americano™ Galería Alexis es uno de los lugares más importantes y emblemáticos que he concido en Nueva York. Es un espacio donde se mezclan las culturas y gran encuentro para los artistas que vamos a Nueva York. Estoy mu contenta de haber expuesto en el Taller Latino y siempre fui muy bien acogida por el Director y su equipo. Es un gran lugar de encuentro para el arte y la cultura de todos los paises sobre todo latinos caribeños, hispanos.
E. Merino, Spain


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