Sesame Street

Bernardo Palombo helped Sesame Street with its first bilingual (Spanish/English) programming with songs like “El Cuerpo/Body Parts Song”

“Las Comidas/ The Market Song”

and “Que Lindo Volver/ How Nice to Return”

Maria and Big Bird
Maria and Big Bird

SONIA MANZANO is the popular “Maria” from Sesame Street, she recorded several bilingual songs.  This, by the way, was a daring move on the part of Sesame Street because at that time there were only programs in English or Spanish; bilingual she recorded two songs “How nice to return” and “Lets go outside to play,” Sonia eventually took Spanish classes here at El Taller.

SONIA MANZANO es la popular “Maria” de Sesame Street, ella grabo unos canciones bilingues , esto fue un osadía de Sesame Street porque en aquella epoca solamente se hacían programas en Inglés o Español ella grabo dos canciones bilingues “ Que lindo es volver” “How nice to return” y “ Tomando el fresco” “ Lets go outside to Play” , eventualmente Sonia tomó clases de Español aquí en el Taller.

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El Taller Latino Americano is a 501(c) (3) community-based arts and education institution founded in 1979 by Argentine musician and composer, Bernardo Palombo. He had arrived in New York not speaking a word of English, yet found no language barrier amongst musicians. He quickly realized the power of culture and art to cross barriers and began holding double-feature concerts featuring artists like Pete Seeger, Mercedes Sosa, Philip Glass and Atahualpa Yupanqui. Palombo also began teaching Spanish incorporating his songs and the languages of Latin America. This immersion model, combining the vitality of the arts with language learning, continues today.
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