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Adult Spanish

Adult Spanish Classes

The House of Language is our signature program and has been operational since 1979. Our methodology combines language and sound with cultural immersion techniques enabling our students to learn Spanish of the Americas. This breakthrough methodology was developed by El Taller's Founder, Bernardo Palombo. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers from all over the world who use El Taller's innovative and well-respected curriculum to lead conversational Spanish courses for all ages and levels.

Students work on the mastery of vowel pronunciation and the significance of those sounds to articulate the past, present, and future. Aural training and dialogue are the basis of our methodology. Because nouns differ from one Latin American country to another, the emphasis is placed on the verb, using sound and conversation to get students to communicate more quickly than they ever thought possible.                                                                                                                     

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Group classes

El Taller offers Spanish language classes at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced, at a variety of times. Group classes emphasize community, with our students helping one another to grow through conversation led by our instructors. Classes are divided into two parts. The first half gives students a structured lesson in verb conjugation and grammar, while the second half is dedicated to practicing and developing conversational ability through acoustics and dialogue. This unique methodology, along with a rich curriculum that includes music, poetry, and art, gives students exposure to a wide variety of words, accents, and useful idiomatic phrases from throughout the Americas. 

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private and semi-private

Private lessons give students an opportunity to work in a more individual setting, where they can focus on personal goals at a flexibly scheduled time. Lessons are offered both on-site at El Taller and off-site at the student's desired location.



El Taller designs custom programs to develop or increase the language skills necessary for the specialized needs of medical professionals, social workers, teachers, lawyers and more. Our conversation-focused Spanish language classes have been recognized by The Village Voice, The Daily News, The Columbia Spectator and thousands of satisfied students among the best and most effective in the City. We will work with you to develop a program tailored to your needs as well as your budget. 


Viernes social

If you can't make it to one of our regular classes come join us the last Friday of every month for our bilingual social night. Come practice your Spanish with us, play some music, dance, drink wine, eat food and be merry! Learn about Latino culture while making new friends and improving your language skills. Conversation will be facilitated by native speakers. All levels are welcome.