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     Our  after school program for kids takes a highly engaging multimedia approach to enhancing your child's Spanish language skills. Through exposure to music, art, and movement this program guides children through a journey into the great mosaic of cultures that are collectively known as “Latin America”.  


By using their senses in a wide array of both manual and perceptual activities, children will enhance their vocabulary, experience language usage in a practical setting, identify geographic  features, rhythms, languages, food, ecosystems and traditions indigenous to each region! 

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El Taller’s expert team of teachers are also professional artists and musicians who fuse El Taller’s 4-decade-strong language method with a unique creative curriculum sure to excite and enrich all children. 

Learning Spanish has never been this fun!





4 - 9 years old


Sep 18 - Oct 25 ( 6 weeks )

Oct 30 - Dec 11*( 6 weeks )

Tuesday & Thursday: $375.00





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  • Crafting volcano models based on Latin America's several volcanic provinces.
  • Learning and creating new verses for" Guantanamera" inspired by the works of Pete Seeger
  • Mask making informed by the carnaval aesthetics of Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Colombia.
  • Painting inspired by the style of Buenos Aires' Xul Solar,  Mexico's Frida Khalo, Brazil's Tarsila do Amaral,  and Venezuela's Jesus Rafael Soto.
  • Sculpture making based on the animal sculptures of Colombia's Fernando Botero
  • Introduction to Latin American culinary traditions through guacamole, api morado, arepa and horchata making
  • Designing puppets and staging a puppet show based on Nicaragua's La Gigantona
  • Singing "Cuida el Agua" , learning about Peru's water-based instruments and creating abstract paintings based on Peru's rain songs.
  • Learning about Venezuelan Joropo, Cueca Chilena, and using classroom instruments to play both Cueca and Joropo songs
  • and much much more!

Questions about our curriculum,  methodology or program? Call 212-665-9460 or send us a message below and we'll get back to you within 1 business day!



Spanish After School Program!
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