We have called El Taller a workshop, a creative laboratory, a space for exploration, a place for sharing. El Taller is a place we go to play, to connect, and to heal. We play music, we make art, we dance, create poetry, and prose. We play with language and ideas. We connect by listening, by hearing, by moving or being moved. We connect through the sharing of ideas, through conversations (in Spanish and English, and sometimes both at the same time). Through diverse programs, shared with diverse people, we find meaning, and perhaps a definition for health that can have a positive effect on those individuals and communities with whom we interact.

The programming is the structure, the space is the vessel for those interactions, so that the more vital labor of “workshopping” ourselves can take place. Meaning, that we invest our energy to sustain El Taller’s mission because through this experiment we meet people who help make us better at being human. We want to learn, be inspired, to be more open-minded, to promote justice in our world, to promote health and well being, to grow those ideals into actions that can change our world.

Your tax-deductible donation to the El Taller Latino Americano is essential helping us to continue to provide accessible educational programs, as well as presenting diverse artistic voices from New York, Latin America, and all over the world. For further information, please email or call 212.665.9460


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