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CURRENT Class Schedule

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Early Bird Special: (Intermediate) Meets twice a week from 8AM to 10AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (4 weeks, 16 hours -- $270).

Morning Intensive: (Beginner & Intermediate) Meets four times a week from 10AM to noon on Monday through Thursday.       (4 weeks, 32 hours -- $460)

Lunchtime: (Beginner & Intermediate) Meets twice a week from noon to 2PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (4 weeks, 16 hours -- $270).

Evenings: (Beginner & Intermediate) Meets twice a week from 7PM to 9PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. (4 weeks, 16 hours -- $270)

Tuesday Night: (Beginner & Intermediate) Once a week from 6:30AM - 9:30PM on Tuesdays. (6 weeks, 18 hours -- $295)

Saturday Morning: (Beginner & Intermediate) Meets from 10AM to 1PM on Saturdays (6 weeks, 18 hours -- $295)

Art and Literature: (Advanced)  An upper level class that focuses on reading, writing and conversation. Meets from 7PM to 9PM on Mondays  (4 weeks -- $140)

Weekday Children:   Ages 3-9   Thursdays   4:00-5:00 PM   $185

Saturday Children:    Ages 3-9   Saturdays   10:00AM-1:00 PM   $325


Beginner I: This is the introductory level at El Taller. Students with little to no conversational ability are encouraged to start at this level. You will be introduced to the present, past and future tenses.

Beginner II: This level is for students who have experience with  basic Spanish conversation and want to improve their conversational skills before  entering the Intermediate level.

Intermediate: This level is for students who feel comfortable actively participating using the present, past, and future tenses in both the simple and compound tenses.

Advanced: This level is for students who feel comfortable actively participating in almost complete Spanish and are working towards expanding their vocabulary as well as perfecting their conversational skills.


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