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Cesar Isella and the Folk Music Revolution


Since the beginning of the 1960's, Cesar Isella has been a leader among South American folk musicians. He started his career with the group "Los Fronterizos", the group responsible for the Folk music revolution of the 1960's, not only in Argentina but also throughout Latin America. There may be people unfamiliar with Isella by name, but everyone has heard his songs. His song Canción con Todos is considered the folk music anthem of Latin American.

He has set to music poems by Pablo Neruda, Julio Cortazar, Nicolas Guillen, Enesto Cardenal, and many others of Latin America's beloved poets. Singers like Mercedes Sosa, Silvio Rodriguez, Chavela Vargas, and Joan Manuel Serrat have spread his songs all over the world.

Accompanying Isella will be a coterie of talented Argentinean musicians, including his son and pianist Fernando Isella, pianist Fernando Otero, El Taller Latinoamericano's Creative Director, singer and songwriter Bernardo Palombo and guitarists Ruben Isola and Martín Quaglia.

Canción Con Todos
Todas las voces, todas
Todas las manos, todas
Todas la sangre pueden
Ser canción en el viento
Canta conmigo, canta
Hermano americano
Libera tu esperanza
Con un grito en la voz    

Song with Everyone
All of the voices, all of them
All of the hands, all of them
All blood can be
A song on the wind
Sing with me, sing
My brother American
Liberate your hopes
With a yell of your voice

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.

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