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Roots of North American Music: A Night of Blues

July celebrates independence in the United States and being the United States, a land of immigrants. The mix of its many cultures has nurtured and created some of the most vibrant music influences on the world.

The blues originated in the cotton fields of the Mississippi delta and then migrated to the industrial North. It is now an international musical language. Blues has transcended vast cultural boundaries. Everywhere that western popular music is played you can here its profound influence. The blues is the cornerstone on which an entire musical tradition is built.

THE ALLIGATOR CLUB is exploring that tradition. Anyone familiar with their hard driving, electrified performances at El Taller will be surprised to see that the band has returned to the roots of the blues by packing up the amplifiers and adopting a string band sensibility. Just as raw and as rocking as before THE ALLIGATOR CLUB now opens its searing sound to welcome the voices of the past.

"Growlin" Greg Neu: guitar -- Alex Koslovsky: bass/guitar -- Jeff Glickman: banjo/harmonica

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.

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