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Bruce Lee

BRUCE LEE is an improvising quartet formed over four years ago between friends and enemies, dedicated to balancing the most fearsome and fragile sounds and rhythms. Their original compositions draw upon the light and shadow of photographs, folk melodies, dramatic text and poetry, sampled sounds, and games played by young children. Their arrangements develop music by Rickie Lee Jones, Mos Def, Rachmanninoff, Jeff Buckley and Bjork. As improvisers, they use tones and technology to gradually sculpt silence and vibrations into complete musical statements. Looking beyond typical instrumentalist roles, BRUCE LEE finds hidden ways toward lush textures, ancient melodies and insurgent beats. Their music is both demanding and accessible, highly structured from the outset but evidenced through a wide language of improvisation.

They are currently looking to release their new double-disc album SECOND SEVEN AND ONE, which also features programmer Alex Epton (Zero Zero), vocalist Eric Biondo (Antibalas), 6-string electric bassist Drew Waters (Tiffany Mills Dance Company) and pianist Kris Davis (Tony Malaby).

Band members include: JESSE NEUMAN (acoustic and processed trumpet/laptop), OSCAR RODRIGUEZ (guitar/synth bass & bass guitar/loops), LIAM HURLEY (drums/percussion) and AARON JENNINGS (guitar/electronics/laptop).

BRUCE LEE believes that to fight holding a weapon is far less effective than to fight empty handed; to concentrate on using a weapon is far less effective than to use one's entire body.

To learn more about BRUCE LEE, check out their new web site at http://BRUCELEEBAND.COM .

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.

Later Event: April 30
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