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Luca Mundaca

Luca Mundaca grew up in a little town south of Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 15 she decided that she was going to play the guitar and sing. She came to New York in 1999 with her guitar and many dreams. Her native language is Portuguese, but it doesn't matter whether you speak it or not, her voice is mesmerizing and will draw you in completely. Her lyrics are positive and uplifting and full of love, and you are sure to feel this energy as you listen. Over the years, she has written some 200 songs.

Luca says, "there is nothing better than playing in a bar that's full of people talking and laughing. I start to play my guitar and it gets a little quieterthen, as soon as I start to sing, the place goes almost silent. I love to see how my music draws people in and I can see the pleasure on their faces"

"Luca Mundaca is a gifted young singer and songwriter. Luca's music is a glorious blend of her native Brazil with a touch of downtown New York. She mines the deep melodic roots of her country's heritage, creating musical gems that she polishes with the lightest of touches. A talent to watch."   Tom Evered, General Manager and Senior Vice-President, Capitol Jazz and Classics

"Luca Mundaca is a singer and songwriter whose work I have been aware of since she arrived in NYC. Her abilities are unlimited; she has a stunning voice of great intimacy and emotion, and her songwriting is first rate."   Seth Rothstein, VP Marketing, Sony Legacy

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.