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Grupo Miguelito

Singer /songwriter Michael La Morte's combo "Grupo Miguelito" returns to El Taller for the second of four monthly concerts.
Consisting of core members Thomas Aldrich (Accordion), Pedro Williamson (Bajo), Guy Finley (congas), Claudia Chopek (Violin), Don DiPalo (Drums/Percussion), Eddie Zweiback (Bongos/Percussion and Michael on Guitar and Cuatro, the group hits a mark somewhere between the bolero/flamenco stylings of mid 1970's Jose Feliciano and the modern energy of Manu Chau. The songs, some in Spanish and some in English, are rooted in a folkloric background with topics of devotion and struggle at the forefront, while others like "Sr. Marti", (an homage to famed Cuban poet Jose Marti) are festive as well as thought provoking.

This month's concert will feature Marni Rice and the Monster Horns.
Doors will open as soon as Salsa classes end.

The exact date of this concert is not known, but it occurred in the marked year around this time.