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Maria Cangiano

Called by her many fans, "Anna Magnani with voice," Maria Cangiano, originally from Argentina, has a unique voice within Argentine a new generation of Tango singers in New York. Tango is much more than the lusty and sensuous dance familiar in the United States and around the world. Since the genre's birth among the lower classes of Buenos Aires at the turn of the 19th century, it comprised not only music and dance, but a rich lyric tradition. Tango songs portray humankind conflicts from gender issues, ethnic stereotypes, and class conflicts to the plain old heartache of love in all its forms. Trained as an opera singer, Maria Cangiano combines drama and singing in her interpretation of old and new Tango songs as "mini-operas" or melodramatic stories.

As the Brooklyn press said, "The depth and power of Maria Cangiano's woeful, soulful voice brings the nostalgic nature of the music to life." Her musicians -some of the best exponents of new tango in the United States- are two incredible international performers with a rich background in classical, jazz and tango music: Victor Prieto (accordion), called the "accordion genius" by The Daily News and Octavio Brunetti (piano), the winner of the New York Tango International Competition. The result is an original "global tango," that mixes traditional and avant-garde tango trends with the musicians' backgrounds and life experiences.

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