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Tibagui Trio, a group developed in New York by guitarist and composer Alejandro Flórez, started out as a project to perform the subtle, expressive music written for the Colombian guitar trio. The ensemble of bandola (relative of the mandolin), tiple (resembling the Cuban tres) and guitar has been for many decades the standard of the music in the Andes of Colombia. Bambuco, guabina, pasillo, danza and marcha are some of the danceable grooves played for many years in the country's mountainous regions. The music of Tibagui is directly related to this rich legacy made up of Indigenous, African and European elements. 

Tibagui is now redefining the musical heritage. In its expanded version, the group features the three guitars alongside the sophisticated sounds of clarinet, flute, double bass and percussion. The group performs an all-original repertoire made up of refined compositions, most of which include improvisation as a fundamental element. The band members, well-versed in jazz and different Latin American genres, bring together their experiences to tell an exciting story of tradition and innovation. 

Tabagui is:

    Alejandro Flórez - bandola  
    Sebastián Cruz - tiple
    Nilko Andreas Guarín - guitar
    Sam Sadigursky - flute and clarinet
    Pedro Giraudo - bass
    Franco Pinna - drums and percussion

For booking information, contact: 

Alejandro Flórez

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