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Atahualpa is a new project that was born in New York City in 2009, with the idea of performing argentinean rhythms to continue the expansion of the Latin American and Jazz amalgam.

The group has been playing some of the most interesting and exquisite styles of the Argentinean palette of rhythms such as Chacareras, Zambas, Carnavalitos and Vidalas, among others. This repertoire has been valued not only in its country of origin but also in Europe and Asia because of its musical complexity and profound poetry.

The music chosen has achieved in its evolution an artistic maturity comparable to other musical trends such as Jazz, Tango, Brazilian music, Flamenco, to name a few . The band plays compositions of both traditional and new authors like Atahualpa Yupanqui, Cuchi Leguizamon, Lucho Hoyos, Pepe Nunez, among many others.

This group is composed of four distinguished Argentinian musicians, residents of NYC: Sofia Tosello, on vocals, Ignacio Hernandez, acoustic guitar, Andres Rotmistrovsky, on bass and Franco Pinna, on drums.

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