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Eric Darton

Can a book bear the seeds of a future city? Please join us in the heart of the El Taller community as we celebrate the planting of Things Fall Together, the first volume of Eric Darton’s Notes of a New York Son.

A multi-layered cultural journal covering more than a decade in the City's recent life, Notes of a New York Son serves as both prequel and sequel to Darton's New York Times bestseller Divided We Stand: A Biography of New York's World Trade Center (Basic Books, 1999). Renowned urbanist Marshall Berman hailed Divided as "a model not only of writing but of citizenship, fusing analytical brilliance with personal feeling."

Eric Darton was born in New York in 1950. His novels, short stories, and numerous works of nonfiction all deal in some way with individual and collective adaptation to, and creation of, the urban environment. His newly released Things Fall Together has already drawn praise as "a survival manual, a spiritual foraging guide for urban dwellers, demonstrating how to draw nutrients and sustenance from the city around them."

This event features a reading by the author followed by an open-ended dialogue about our city’s past, present and its possible futures. All attending are invited to participate.

Among other refreshments, appetizer and dessert courses of music and visual imagery will be served.

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