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The Shul Band

The Shul Band, unique to The Jewish Music scene! 

An exploration of culture and tradition. A meeting of Urban and Ancient, Hip and Hazzan. Steeped in Synagogue melody, musical rigor, and an 'over the top' sense of playfulness. An amazing blend of virtuoso folk, klezmer, bluegrass and niggunim into a stew we playfully call: "Jewgrass Music."  

The Shul Band is from The Lower East Side of New York City and has grown out of years of playing Jewish liturgy together at The Shul of New York. 



Adam Feder, guitar, voice -- Ernesto Villalobos, violin
Matt Snyder, clarinet -- Dave Hertzberg, bass
Seth Ginsberg, mandolin -- Sabrina Lastman, voice
Rebecca Bellingham, voice