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Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra

Following a critically-acclaimed run at The Jazz Gallery, and before that at The Stone, Karl Berger's Orchestra of 20 or more professional string, horn, and percussion soloists continues to turn improvisational ideas developed in the 7:30 pm workshop/rehearsal into a fully formed 9:00 pm orchestral performance. Using his "Music Mind" concept, Karl introduces a new approach and experience of harmonizing improvised sound. 

Conducted in Karl's inimitable style, developed at the legendary Creative Music Studio, this orchestra of extraordinary improvisers explores original themes, melodies from the world's folk traditions and compositions written by legendary improvisers such as Don Cherry or Ornette Coleman, as well as musical ideas that arise spontaneously. One of the orchestra's trademarks is Ingrid Sertso's uncanny vocalization and poetry. 

Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra has a rotating cast of soloists, with a solid core of regulars. Players for this El Taller performance are: Warren Smith, drums, Hollis Headrick, percussion, John Pietaro, percussion, Hill Greene, bass, David Perrott, bass, Harvey Valdes, guitar, John Ehlis, guitar, mandolin, Sylvain Leroux, African flutes, Ken Ya Kawaguchi, shakuhachi flute, Frederika Krier" violin, Sana Nagano, violin, Judith Insell, viola, Tomas Ulrich cello, Brian Groder, trumpet, Thomas Heberer, trumpet, Blaise Siwula, clarinets, Avram Fefer, bass clarinet, David Schnug, alto sax, Welf Dorr, alto sax, Bill Ylitalo, alto flute, baritone sax, Mossa Bildner, vocals, Ingrid Sertso, vocals, poetry, and Karl Berger, keyboards/conducting. 

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