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Formers and Performers Presents: Pete Wire Band

Pete Wire Band is an Indie band with Bluegrass & World Music influence incorporating Soukous, Celtic & Brazilian sounds. In line with the all-around sound is the lyrical content which draws on all types of Mythologies & Esoterica: the Hasidic mysticism of the Baal Shem Tov; myths of ancient Greece; Zen Taoism of China; Veda from India amongst others. Emphasizing the "One" experience in the myriad activities of daily life.  

This joyful journey is carried out by six talented New "Yawkas": Benny "The Kid" Piper on drums/vocals; Sir Charles Marine on percussion; Ian "Rasputin" Olasov on bass; Demian "Damon" Palombo on guitar; Tara "Supernova" Novie on Vocals; & Pete Wire on guitar/vocals. 

Opening Set: Demian Palombo, guitarist/songwriter, will perform original work that incorporates the themes of love, loneliness, happiness and social conscience. Demian will be accompanied by Joy Hanson, singer, and Barry Kornhauser, cello. As a student he has studied traditional fingerstyle blues guitar with Woody Mann and fingerboard harmony with Howard Morgan at Mannes College, The New School and Hunter College. In his career, he has also had the honor to work with notable musicians, including Dan Zanes, Quique Sinesi, Aquiles Baez, and Rosalia Roio.