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Rubén González

El Taller Latino Americano is proud to present Ruben Gonzalez and the GONZALEZ Band. Ruben's music is a journey that crosses borders between distant places and spaces: South and North America, politics and poetry, pain and humor. His lyrics tell stories, make observations and sound good even if you don't speak Spanish. Accompanying Ruben in the GONZALEZ Band will be Michael Wimberly, Michael Campbell, Baba Don Eaton and Domenica Fosatti; as well as Guest Artist: Natalio. 

Ruben Gonzalez, is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist hailing originally from from San Juan, Argentina. Musically Gonzalez echoes a vast set of influences from Latin American rhythms and genres, to jazz and rock. Phillip Glass invited Ruben Gonzalez and his band to perform at the Tune In Festival in 2012 for their "musical ingenuity" and as a new direction in music. His discography includes "Foto de mi Aldea"(2006) and "La Libertad" (2010). Please visit more information.