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Formers and Performers:Barry Kornhauser - A Jazz Cello Concert

El Taller presents Barry Kornhauser, a Jazz Cello Concert through the Formers and Perfomers Series. In approaching the cello Barry draws on a parallel musical incarnation as a bass player & guitarist thinking rhythm section first, plucking and strumming, laying down a funky skeletal harmonic foundation. Barry will be performing original jazz informed compositions, improvisations and songs. The band will be comprised of Barry Kornhauser (cello), Michel Gentile (flute), Ilusha Tsinadze (guitar), John Mettam (drums), and a guest vocalist. 

Barry Kornhauser was born in the Midwest of the Bronx and lives in Brooklyn. He is a composer, arranger, teacher and multi-instrumentalist (bass, cello, guitar and mandola) in a wide variety of musical environments.Past collaborations include: Tomas Rodriguez, Lucia Pulido, Juan Lazarro Mendolas, Luis Diaz, The Derailers, as well as children's music artists Jay Mankita, Suni Paz, Patricia Shih and Meredith Wright.