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John Ehlis Trio

El Taller Latino Americano is proud to host the John Ehlis Trio. The Trio combining jazz sensibilities with several World Music traditions, John Ehlis gathers a group of talented and like-minded musicians who share a spirit of adventure and playfulness. His large group, the John Ehlis Ensemble has a new release entitled "Along the Way" and he can be heard at El Taller with Karl Berger's Improvisers Orchestra. 

Drawn to traditional and folk music from around the world, John Ehlis blends the sounds of many cultures into his own unique style. As a multi-instrumentalist, he learned the mandolin busking on the streets of Denmark, Germany and Italy and has studied various woodwind instruments and percussion, including the Balinese Gamelan. While in Zimbabwe he met local musicians and performed with Motsi Uruka at the Amakhosi Theatre in Bulawayo. He also performs and studies the music of the Basques. Ehlis has performed throughout the United States, with musicians ranging from the avante-garde jazz of John Tchicai, Oliver Lake, Joseph Jarman (Art Ensemble of Chicago), Perry Robinson and Francis Wong (Asian Improv Arts), to Marie Afonso (Zap Mama), the instrument maker Ken Butler, Joe Craven (David Grisman's Group), classical guitarist Philip Hii, Basque musicians Tapia and Leturria, Ghanian musician Zorkie Nelson, and Pakistani singer Fawzia Afzal Khan. 

Mikko Innanen is one of the best known saxophonists and composers of his generation in Finland and Northern Europe. He has performed and/or recorded with a long list of artists including, Andrew Cyrille, Ted Curson, Han Bennik, Herb Robertson, William Parker and Kasper Tranberg. Innanen is currently active as a bandleader/co-leader with Mikko Innanen & Innkvisitio, The Curators, PLOP, Mikko Innanen F60.8, Delirium, Gourmet, Mikko Innanen Trio (w/Joe Fonda and Lou Grassi), and as a sideman with Zanussi 13, Kalle Kalima K-18 and Stefan Pasborg's Free Moby Dick. Last June, Innanen organized a two-day festival, the "Mikko Innanen Intercontinental Extravaganza" at the I-Beam Music Studio in Brooklyn. The event featured four different groups consisting of himself and some of his favorite musicians from New York playing original works and free improvisations. 

Glen Fittin has focused on world percussion sounds for the last 25 years. Specializing in frame drums, he has presented percussion workshops at National and International Festivals demonstrating a variety of techniques and traditions. The Egyptian Riqq, Tar, Kanjira, and various Cooperman Bodhran and Frame drums are among those which have been a point of focus for Glen. Studies in percussion with New Music pioneer Ray Des Roches led to the sonorous awareness and possibilities of both pitched and non-pitched percussion composition. Working with Glen Velez's Handance Ensemble led to Fittins's interest in frame drum composition, improvisation and teaching. Fittin has performed and recorded with Glen Velez, Bernie Worrell, Montego Joe, Paul Winter, Annea Lockwood, Dez Cadena, Richard Barone, Tony Visconti, Valerie Naranjo, Women of the Calabash, The Rhythm Monsters, Marafanyi, Mbiradinda, Carl Landa, Shamou, Peter Jones, Jesse Manno, Tigger Benford and The Wet Tropics. As a dance musician Fittin has worked with choreographers Robert Battle, Michael Foley, Sean Curran, Gabe Masson, and Aya Shibahara and at festivals including the Bates Dance Festival, American Dance Festival, Korea Drum Festival, Seoul Dance and Music Improvisation Festival and Festival Rhethymno Crete.