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35 Years Taller Presents: SoldierKane with Pink Ride

El Taller Latino Americano is proud to present SoldierKane, as part of 35 Years Taller. SoldierKane, the musical ensemble of violinist/musical eccentric Dave Soldier and guitarist/percussionist, Jonathan Kane will be performing, some say dismantling, their idiosyncratic and singular blend of Blues, the Great American Songbook, R&B dance, classical music and minimalistic trance-rock. The evening will be special, as Dave will be receiving the Chaski Award in recognition of his lifelong work in music, language exploration, and for bringing his talents and creativity to engage and bring value to communities across the globe. 

Opening the evening will be Pink Ride, an instrumental Jazz band formed in Harlem in 2013, with Dan Keegan on the drums, Dylan Maida on the keyboards and Arden Yonkers on bass. Their brand of progressive psychedelia will set the tone for a night of crossing sounds. 

About SoldierKane: 

Dave Soldier is known for a wild range of collaborations, ranging from the 14 elephants he conducted at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, to the Brainwave Music Project, played by the performers' brainwaves, to working with child composers, featuring 2-10 year old Brooklyn schoolchildren from Brooklyn, East Harlem and Sant Mateo Ixtatan, Guatemala. He is a founder of the Soldier String Quartet, a punk chamber group, the Kropotkins, a punk delta blues band and The Spinozas, featuring lyrics from Arabic and Hebrew poetry from medieval Andalusia. 

Jonathan Kane comes out of New York's Downtown Music scene of the early '80s and is known for his avant- garde musical work with such minimalist composers as La Monte Young and Rhys Chatham. He was a founding member of the NYC band Swans and leads his own minimalist blues band, February as well as being a member, like Soldier, of the Kropotkins. 

"Any self-respecting fan of downtown music could tell you that a project involving drummer Jonathan Kane and multi-instrumentalist David Soldier is bound to be both intensely eclectic and a whole lot of fun."
-Time Out New York

To learn more about Dave Soldier, please visit his website.