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Memorial Urchestra Concert for Bailey

Dada artist Kurt Schwitters's classic "Sonata In Primeval Sounds," also called "Ursonate," is performed by URCHESTRA: vocalists Andy Laties, Rebecca Migdal and Jenny Gonzalez, percussionist Eric Blitz, GLOVE, John Landino (trombone, trumpet, cello), Don Rice (saxophones and bells), Pronoblem (bass, board, cane, clarinet). This Ursonate will be performed in loving memory of Urchestra's non-human member, the howling wolf-in-sheep's-clothing known as Bailey the Poodle.

Published in 1932, Kurt Schwitters's "Sonata In Primeval Sounds" is the granddaddy of sound-art poems: an hourlong opus that develops 26 abstract themes in classical sonata format. Andy Laties's rousing participatory interpretations were honored in Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's major "Art In Chicago 1945-1995" retrospective.

Free-improv ensemble URCHESTRA has performed a dozen times in New York City (Bowery Poetry Club, Judson Church and Vox Pop), the Boston area (Outpost 186 and 119 Gallery), and Western Mass. (GonzoQuest in Holyoke; Easthampton town center).