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Chuño is an experimental musical duo project originated by two Argentinean, New York City-based musicians, percussionist Franco Pinna and singer Sofia Tosello. Chuño blends the rhythms and melodies of South America, Africa, and Asia with the Arpa Legüera, an original instrument evoking sounds of a Charango, African Kora, and Asian Koto. Percussionist and drummer Franco Pinna first invented the Arpa Legüera using a piece of wood with guitar strings and a Bombo Legüero as a resonator. Bombo Legüero is one of the most ancient drums from Africa brought to South America throughout the Diaspora. Pinna has developed his own set of percussion, mixing parts of a drum set and different drums from Thailand, Brazil, Africa, and North America.

Pinna started his musical career in his home of Tucumán, Argentina, where he performed and recorded with some of the most distinguished musicians of the country. In 1998 he moved to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music, where he obtained an "Outstanding Musicianship" scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Pinna has dedicated a large part of his study to the different rhythms from South American Folklore, creating a unique way of interpreting traditional rhythms and incorporating traditional percussion instruments into his drum set. Since he moved to New York City, Pinna has recorded more than 70 albums for many well known artists around the globe.

Originally from Córdoba, Argentina and now living in New York City, Sofia Tosello brings the voice, the interpretation of lyrics and stories behind these songs, to this musical project. Tosello has developed a new musical synthesis in finding an approach to Tango that draws from the rich variety of Latin American "canción" traditions, including Chacarera, Bolero Filin, Peruvian Vals, Son Cubano, Bossa Nova, and Zamba. One also hears shades of the downtown world jazz scene of New York in Tosello's performance. Christopher Loundon, writing in Jazz Times, notes that "[t]he purity of Tosello's voice is matched by the vibrancy of her emotional palette and inventiveness of her cross-cultural technique. The next wave in Latin American Jazz may well begin with Tosello." Tosello has toured and taught around the world in USA, Europe,Latin America, and Asia.