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Patrick Brennan's Transparency Kestra

Composer & saxophonist patrick brennan has pursued a contrarian and independent musical path for over 3 decades in pursuit of those yet unheard somethings just around the corner. He's developed an individual musical language that expands on the possibilities of the jazz rhythm section. He's collaborated and recorded with Gnawa musicians in Morocco and has recorded numerous albums of his own original music.

patrick brennan's transparency kestra is a rotating community of musicians, a polyrhythmic drum ensemble without drums & an engine of multidirectional musical exploration. Transparencies are an organizational strategy that overlays rhythmelodic patterns that can be recombined in a decentralized way though improvisation and conduction.

Eli Asher - trumpet & slide trumpet, patrick brennan - saxophone & composition, Haruna Fukazawa - flutes & piccolo, Brian Groder - trumpet & fleugelhorn, Patrick Holmes & Clarinet, Jerome Harris - guitar, Jason Kao Hwang - violin, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic - bass, Michael Rabinowitz, bassoon

Open Rehearsal: 6pm
Performance: 7pm