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Nora Buschmann

Suggested Donation $15

German musician Nora Buschmann will perform Brazilian and Argentine guitar music. 

One associates outstanding musicality and the highest degree of virtuosity with this classical guitarist from Berlin, who has already earned herself an international reputation with her expressive solo concerts. In addition to her refined playing, elegant tone, and highly nuanced performance, this winner of the German Music Council stipendium shows a remarkable sense of independence and extends the boundaries of classical guitar music with her in-depth knowledge of Mediterranean mentality, Eastern European musical culture and Latin American joie de vivre.

She reveals what she considers "music for life," with a Brazilian choro and modinha, an Argentinean chacarera and a milonga. Nora Buschmann's sure-fingered expression and outstanding sound, filled with elegance and fire, shows why she has won numerous international guitar competitions. And while the press describes this artist and her performances as "intelligent and sensitive" and "lively and spunky," one must absolutely add attributes such as open-minded and captivating. Nora Buschmann is a professor of guitar at Rostock University and Hochschule für Musik und Theater and teaches at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden.