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Iberian Music Workshop with Rosalia Mowgli


Aunt Gora (106 years old) from El Rebollar (Salamanca) playing her square drum.

Aunt Gora (106 years old) from El Rebollar (Salamanca) playing her square drum.

A journey through the beauty of uncanny Spanish folk ancestral music. El Taller Latino Americano has the pleasure of hosting  a workshop with this original Spanish musician that unearths the ancestral musics from different parts of Spain.

This workshop is meant for all people, musicians and non-musicians, professionals or amateurs interested in:

1. Learning about Spanish culture through folk, traditional songs, its lyrics, rhythms and melodies.

2. Percussionists of all levels curious about Spanish traditional tambourine from Castille and Northwest Spain (Cantabria), square drum from Salamanca and Asturias.

We will spend some of the time of each encounter handing on the instruments.Along the course we will be singing and playing songs from: the mediterranean islands (Mallorca/Ibiza) Cornisa Cantabrica (northwest of Spain) León, Zamora, Extremadura (southwest) Castilla La Mancha and Avila. Audio and visual material will be provided.

We will also share the particular original arrangements done for guitar of some of this material that is conveyed in the last recordings of Rosalia ́s Subversion of Traditional Spanish music.