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“Mobiles” is an intimate concert with an introspective view from the new compositions by Aquiles Baez. It is a concert where you will appreciate the new  music of Aquiles, who is an icon of the new Venezuelan music, an specialist of the mestizo genres of Latin American music, but above all a creator from that wonderful space of the rhythms and poetry of the landscape transformed into sounds.

Considered a master of Latin American strings, Aquiles  has cultivated a prestigious career as a composer, arranger, producer, cultural manager and performer of the guitar. Aquiles  has 17 albums of his own; 

The maestro has gained international recognition by presenting popular music and classical music concerts, alone or accompanied, in different stages of Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. In addition In addition there Aquiles will have as special guests, wonderful Latin musicians who are present in the New York scene like special guests Ana Carmela Ramirez and Sofia Tossello in the Voices, also Yury Juarez and Juancho Herrera  in the guitar. 

Admission: $20