Camomile Hixon: Project Unicorn

On exhibit from November 11 - December 30The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller is thrilled to present critically acclaimed visual artist Camomile Hixon, who exploded onto the New York art scene in 2010 with her collection of "sparkle" paintings on canvas using glitter as the primary medium. The canvases, many of which contain super-sized words or bold images, have developed from her work as a musician and songwriter where she seeks to isolate poetry fragments in silence without the movement of melody. 

Through the medium of glitter and paint on canvas, Camomile's images and symbols include super-sized flowers, twinkling fireworks, and question marks. Camomile is intrigued by the idea of depicting a word and letting the mind roam free for the images. According to the artist, "When a piece manages to cause an inner smirk, the art is working, and when it happens to be beautiful, and lift someone's mood, the mission is complete". The luminescent quality of the glitter breathes life into the works filled with subtle meanings and interpretations unique to each individual. 

This year, Camomile has focused on a new endeavor entitled "Project Unicorn", which encompasses work for the New York City Children's Museum of Art, and two large silver glitter unicorns that will be featured at the Marionette Theatre in Central Park, near 81st Street. Inspired by the song "Unicornio Azul" by Cuban folksinger Silvio Rodriguez, Camomile Hixon will also be unveiling a large blue unicorn across the billboard that resides on El Taller's roof, at 2710 Broadway and 104th Street.