Ede Rothaus and Carlos Schmidt: PLACE

On exhibit from May 21 to June 25, 2011

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Place, an exhibition of photographs by Ede Rothaus and Carlos Schmidt curated by j. maya luz. 

In this exhibition, The Grady Alexis Gallery presents two artists who study landscape in classical, sensual and emotional ways. The photographers also use the idea of "place" differently. At times, "place" defines the entirety of a place, a vista. At others it is what is found, a detail encountered. The works in Place become a window into the unique expression of the artist and what the audience experiences in these carefully framed views. 

Ede Rothaus, born and raised in New York City has been a photographer her whole life. Her relationships with luminary artists, such as Manuel Bravo, have inspired her work. Ms. Rothaus' works explore the vernacular landscape in Mexico, where "place" holds a personal/emotional space. Her attraction to the man-made in the natural world is witty and poignant. Observations are captured through context, form, color and light. Even in the absence of people, the viewer can experience the mundane, like an Agave Cactus on an overcast day, as a sublime moment. 

Carlos Schmidt is an award-winning photographer from Mendoza, Argentina. His images are classical representations of nature as landscape and nature detail. The works are dramatic and visually arresting through the use of claroscuro (the use of contrast in the light), yet sensual through Mr. Schmidt's sensitivity to material. This will be his first show in New York City.

Camila SanchezMay 2011