Eva Nikolova, Miguel Pons and Gesche Würfel: Habitats

On exhibit from November 26, 2012 to January 9, 2013

The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Habitats, an art exhibition featuring the work of Eva Nikolova, Miguel Pons and Gesche Würfel. 

Habitats features the work of three immigrant artists whose work examines notions of home, translocation, the environment and the universal pursuit of a sense of belonging. The work in the show includes a variety of mediums, including chemigrams, mixed media paintings and photographs. 

Gesche Würfel (Bremerhaven, Germany) presents photographs from two projects: "Moon Safari" exploring how landscape is perceived in the aftermath of environmental catastrophes; and "Go for Gold!" exploring spaces of the Lower Lea Valley as it underwent a massive transformation in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. 

Miguel Pons (Caracas, Venezuela) works with mixed media he is mostly inspired by the patterns found in nature. He superimposes multiple layers of translucent materials to create a dense system that emulates the complexities of nature and how humans interact with their surroundings. 

Eva Nikolova (Sofia, Bulgaria) presents a series of chemigrams -- images fashioned with photographic chemicals on light sensitive paper- titled Ordinary Disappearances featuring imaginary Balkan landscapes exploring by the concept of memory and inspired by a trip home after a ten-year absence. As an immigrant continually grappling with the meaning of "Home" she is drawn to images of houses as symbols of memory, longing, desire, and identity. 

This exhibit is curated by Andrea Arroyo.