Patricia Cazorla, Stacy Mohammed and Jayanthi Moorthy: Women's Work

On exhibit from March 12 to April 28

In celebration of Women's History Month, The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Women's Work, featuring the work of New York-based artists Patricia Cazorla, Stacy Mohammed and Jayanthi Moorthy. 

Patricia Cazorla presents a series of mixed media drawings of cityscapes inspired by early nineteen century buildings, created in charcoal, ballpoint pen, oil paint, hand-dyed canvas and paper. Cazorla is a visual artist working with performance and visual art. She studied at the Art Students League and Pratt Institute and is originally from Venezuela. 

Stacy Mohammed presents paintings on canvas that explore Catholicism and it's symbols, combining saints with everyday products from popular culture. Mohammed received an MFA from Boston University has exhibited at the The Gallery at Los Altos de Chavón, República Dominicana. 

Jay Moorthy exhibits un-stretched canvases depicting the social, cultural and spiritual conflicts of Asian women. Her works evoke vintage scrolls and are executed with bare hands and non-traditional tools like combs, brooms, stubs and nails. Moorthy is originally from India, she studied design, calligraphy and art, and she works as a mentor at the Free Arts NYC and teaches at the Children's Aids Society in West Harlem. 

This exhibit is curated by Andrea Arroyo. 

Camila SanchezMarch 2012