Jose del C: Musicians Delight

On exhibit from April 21 to May 10

El Taller Latino Americano is honored to present Jose del C , as part of our 35th Anniversary celebration – 35 Years Taller. His exhibition, "Musicians Delight", is inspired by the live performances during 35 Years Taller and created during his residency at El Taller. These depictions are an homage to the beauty and truth that each of the performers share during their concerts. 

Jose Del C is a native of Colombia, Jose is a master muralist, painter, ceramicist, educator and designer. Featured in galleries across the globe, from Tokyo to Panama, from New York to Spain, his work explores music and human struggle through gallery and public art exhibitions. Utilizing a unique engraving process on paper, his work has added depth and color.. 

Presented by Bernardo Palombo

Camila SanchezApril 2014