Andrea Arroyo: Venus Recaptured


"El Taller Latino Americano presents "Venus Recaptured", an exhibition of a print series by award-winning Mexican- born artist Andrea Arroyo. The series celebrates her paintings, which focus on femininity and its related historical perceptions. The exhibit runs from September 14 to October 26 in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month. 

With a significant background in modern dance, Arroyo pays particular interest to the shape and motion of the female body, which she describes as "beautiful, alive and full of movement." Many of the works in the exhibit have roots in history and mythology depicting female characters from various cultures and with internal strength. 

Arroyo finds the similarities and differences between women in her paintings. One painting portrays Malinche, Cortez's interpreter. The negative perception of this character Arroyo feels is not necessarily justified. "I think she used her power in order to survive." Arroyo makes an effort to focus on influential women who have shaped the course of history. "To me it's basically a celebration of life and everything that is feminine." 

Andrea Arroyo's work has been exhibited extensively with select pieces currently in collections of The Smithsonian Institute, The Library of Congress, The National Museum of American History, The New York Public Library, and others. Arroyo is a celebrated Latina and received a New York City Council Citation for Achievement in Art for her contributions to the art community and community at large. She was also named the Official Artist of the 7th Latin Grammy Awards, and an Outstanding Latina of the Year. 

Veronica Aberham, Gallery Director, organized the exhibition and curates "Venus Recaptured".

Camila SanchezSeptember 2007